Knee replaced on the 13th

First, the pain is incredible. I expected it but it still caught me by surprise.
2nd, I don’t get a CPM. It is a passive exercise that is supposed to help increase flexibility and recovery.

Everyone I know that has had the surgery praises the CPM to the highest order.

My Dr. said studies show it doesn’t really help.

Damn, I guess I can’t argue with studies. :mad:

Been almost two years for me. No CPM. Do the therapy exercises faithfully and all will be well. They hurt like a bitch but you’ve only got a limited period of time to build flexibility. Work on it!

I got my new knee on the 25th of April. So far the pain is no worse than the pain I had in my old, worn out knee. And this pain is going to end!

I had a titanium bolt put through my tibia in February. The bolt works fine, but because of such a long period immobile, I was put on a CPM twice daily.

Short version: my “inexpert and non-medical” opinion is that it pretty much did jack.

Longer version: the CPM comes with a little handheld remote control that allows the patient to control things such as the maximum angle the knee bends. I was given the CPM on a Friday, and was under instruction by the physiotherapist to increase the angle daily by five degree increments. I soon found that there was no pain (after having been warned it would be painful), and when my physio came to check on the Monday, she was very happy that I’d increased the angle by more than double what she’d asked. All I felt was a slight tightness around the knee as it approached maximum, but no pain as such.

My gut feel is that the CPM didn’t help much, because it was doing all the work, and because it supported my leg so completely. The real pain was when I tried to lift my leg under its own steam. Holding my lower leg straight out with no support was just as painful after many days of CPM use as it was before.

If you’re offered the use of one, it can’t hurt, but I doubt their effectiveness.