Knee Surgery in the Morning -- And I'm (just) A Little Scared

::: sigh :::

I so wanted to type that I’m a little teapot instead, but… I really am too afeared at the moment to be as funny as I would like. :stuck_out_tongue: And I know it’s no big deal, but I’m getting queasy feeling none-the-less. Which makes me want to be all warm and fuzzy.

Therefore, I guess, I’m here to ask for any hand-holding y’all want to offer. Or “Oh, don’t worry! It’ll be a breeze!” type musings. Please. Feel free to wax drippy sweet.

Oh, don’t worry! It’ll be a breeze!


In all seriousness, good luck tomorrow. I’m sure all will be just fine.

What is the surgery for, if you don’t mind me asking?

My uncle’s an orthopedic surgeon, and he says that knees are pretty easy to fix, especially since the operations are so commonplace.

So relax, faithfool. It’ll be fine!

Ah, thank you both. That already helps a bit. :slight_smile:

And it’s for a meniscus tear. Too many years of playing softball at first and digging wild throws out of the dirt. Plus, since I’m now a waitress by trade, I have to be able to walk so much that having this done seemed to be the only option. As they say you can’t rehab these things or anything.

Argh. I’m just not looking forward to it though. I hate being that dopey (I know, I know) and it’ll mean staying with the ex for a few days. Not to mention, I won’t get to eat anything after midnight and you just know that’s when I’ll have the screaming munchies! So, everyone nibble on something extremely yummy for me, 'kay? Thank you.

So…what are they doing? I ripped my left ACL so completely 14 years ago that the doc didn’t even bother to try to fix it. I believe his exact words were “The only exercise you get is getting out of the recliner for another beer, so why bother?”

A fair cop, that. :smiley:

I had that meniscus tear surgery a few years ago, faithfool. I can’t say it was more fun than sliced bread, but it was a fairly simple surgery and I didn’t have any problems afterwards, except with a too-enthusiastic physical therapist who pushed me too hard too fast and ended up slowing down my rehab by about a week. Oh, and then when it was nearly healed, my dear golden retriever flung himself at me in an excess of WUVVV! and sprained my knee. That’s right, sprained it. My doctor laughed his ass off at me for that one.

So be kind to yourself, do your rehab but don’t let them make you do more than you honestly can, and watch out for golden retrievers! Oh, and enjoy the good drugs. :smiley:

The doctor is supposed to be shaving the tear down, making it smooth again so it won’t get caught whenever I take a step. It’s that fun little jag that’s making this seem like something inevitable anyway. He said it would only be time before all of it wore away completely and then I’d have no padding/cushion for my knee.

I say geez! We should be able to use some from around the hole in my head. :stuck_out_tongue:

My cousin had the same surgery a few months back. She still not 100%, but considerably better than she was before the surgery.

I, too was a waitress by trade. I say was because my knee troubles make it so I can barely walk around the block let alone back and forth in a restaurant all day. My, how I miss those days…

I’m at that point now, faithfool, and have discovered the most amazing little device, that really is better than sliced bread – the BioniCare 1000 Knee Device, that looks like a soft knee wrap that delivers a sub-threshold electrical signal to my knee at night as I sleep and not only decreases pain but improves function and has been proven to put off replacement surgery for several years. So down the road, when you get to where the doctor starts talking replacement, keep in mind that they’re coming up with all sorts of things that are workable alternatives if, like me, you really don’t want to end up setting off alarms in every airport from now on.

But in the meantime, the surgery you’re having really should be an easy one, as such things go. A couple tiny holes afterwards and it’ll feel very stiff for a few weeks, but that’s about all.

It’s going to be fine - and just think of how much better it will feel when you’re all recovered!

(and I feel like a hypocrite - telling you it’s going to be fine when I have to have valium to go to the dentist.)

Mama Tiger: I’ll keep all your advice at the fore… especially since I have a usually way-too-jump-friendly Dalmatian awaiting my return tomorrow. As for the device you mention, it sounds awesome! Although, the doctor says there shouldn’t be anything else after this. Here’s to hoping he’s right.

DoperChic: Ah, good to know that your cousin is better than before. The forecast says it should only be a couple of days, so I’m really counting on that, but as long as it allows me to work. :slight_smile: And since you’re a (former) fellow waitress, you know the necessity of that particular rush. Which, I gotta say, I am addicted to. In my former life I was a cubicle drone and more recently found serving as an alieviation to all my nervous breakdown-related issues. I’m beyond grateful it’s there. I really do love it so.

SnakesCatLady: No hypocrisy at all! We each have our strengths and crosses to bear, Bog knows the dentist is NEVER a walk in the park. Just for when you go, keep in my how much fun Prince Valium really is. He truly is a knight in shining armor sometimes, eh?

Thanks everyone. At T-50 minutes, I’m wishing for some ice cream or something though. Anybody got any macadamia brittle to share? Quickly?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh shush. You’ll be fine. Just…no dunking a basketball for you for a little bit.

Not to worry, faithfool, you should be many good years away from my horrible knee. Mine was first bunged up when I was 14 and I lived with it successfully with no difficulties till my late 40s, and now in my 50s I’m finally reaping the rewards of doing too much of the wrong thing too often. But I’m years and lots of abuse beyond where you are now.

So, like I said, enjoy the good drugs! Let us know how you feel tomorrow; you should be in good shape in a surprisingly short time.

Just wanted to post a brief update that all went well, I only have a bit of Betadine left to glow in the dark with and I should be back to my usual klutzing around within the week.

Thanks to everyone who held my hand and made me feel less jittery. You guys were so helpful and your good thoughts made me ignore the nurse who couldn’t find a vein. Any vein. :eek: