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Okay, I admit, I’m under 40 and I adore knitting. It gives me something to do while watching tv.

To date, I have mastered the knit and purl stitch and knitted five blankets and have graduated to knitting patterns. I have done one pillow, almost finished a second and have completed a dishcloth. I’m not ready to do a sweater yet…gauge still scares me.

Now, before you start asking why the f— didn’t she post this under MPSIMS…does anyone know a good website for knitting questions? (apart from this one, of course :slight_smile: )

I have searched, and I can’t find any good ones with good instructions. I would like to see one with moving video of stitches, because the 2d drawings of yarnovers and right and left twists leave my head reeling.

Any fellow knitters out there? Or am I all alone in a wilderness of needles and yarns and line counters?

Given what I’ve seen of the average doper, I think you’d be better off on usenet. Try this.

Err, well, I have to admit that I knit and crochet. Very peaceful pursuits. And they can be done during the football game.

ivylass I don’t know of anything good on the web. I would recommend checking out your local library and bookstores.

I crochet, but I frequent this site that has some good videos and illustrations for knitting too:

I actually don’t know of any moving videos of how to knit (but that’s because I’m pretty sure that it would have thrown me had I watched them. For yarnovers you are simply moving the yarn from the front of the work, over the right needle to the back of the work. If when you start the yarn isn’t in the right place to do this, you simply bring it under the needle and it will be. If when you’re done it isn’t in the right place for the next stitch you bring it under the needle and it will be.)

I’ve heard good things about “learn to knit” videos, and apparently many library systems have them. often has useful things
as does (links at

I generally ask questions at one of the yahoo groups (knitlist).

Questions with factual answers about about knitting can be posted in this forum.

There was also this thread in MPSIMS started by Persephone
Any Knitters Around Here?

You might want to check out that thread.

Recomendations for a good website should go in IMHO. So. . .

Off to IMHO.

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What on earth do you mean by this?

ivylass: I go to the knitting site at frequently. They have lots of good links there. I don’t remember where it was, but I did find some quicktime video of the stitches being done. There is also a very nice message board there. I have found lots of answers there by searching the archives.