Know a good DVR alert column?

I’ve been following the TiVoPlex column over at Boxoffice Prophets for quite a few years. Did a reasonable job of giving me heads up alerts on upcoming movies on cable for the following week. But it is closing down.

(It was getting spottier and spottier, plus sometimes the column wouldn’t appear until the first listings had already aired.)

I’m looking for a replacement column. What I’m looking for:

Covers mainly movies. (I wouldn’t mind if it had a small section of reminders when better TV shows like Louie start a new season.) Film related docs, pointing out TCM theme days and such are okay.

Shortish blurbs about each film. Small paragraph of info. No extended reviews.

Minimal clicking to get thru the list. No one-per-page click-click-click nightmares. TiVoPlex would have 3-5 movies per page and 3-4 pages total. That was a bit much, page-breakwise. A single page with all of them would’ve sufficed.

A knowledgeable reviewer with broad but good taste. No single genre freak. No one who would recommend Identity Thief and that sort of crap. But listing the occasional MST3K quality film for fun is nice, too.

And Dopers got a fave for this sort of thing?