Know any good Chicago auto mechanics? or: What's wrong with my car? Win a prize!

Ok, so my car’s been idling rough off and on for about a month now (1995 Dodge Intrepid 3.5L). I thought it might have been bad gas but it wasn’t fixed by a new tank. Then it started shifting roughly (auto transmission), and yesterday it died at idle. So I can no longer put off going to the shop. Know anyone who will not rip me off?

Also, guess what is wrong with my car and how much it will cost me. The person who is closest will win a free membership (if not a charter member) or a $14.95 amazon gift certificate (or other such gift of their choice).

I fear it is the tranny. This makes me sad. Tranny problems sound expensive.

Just to start off with the obvious, Have you replaced the fuel filter and checked the Tranny fluid level?

I am definitely not the person you want to diagnose your car. However, I have a wonderful mechanic who has never screwed me and who doesn’t treat women like idiots:

Omar @ O&J Auto
6417 N. Ravenswood

He’s not as cheap as the crazy guy who was a semi-retired multimillionaire who liked to fix cars for fun (he used to give me invoices scribbled in pencil on the back of envelopes that had line items like “wiper fluid: $0.07” – boy, was I bummed when that guy moved out of state), but he’s reasonable and won’t jerk you around.

Tranny fluid was at good level and good color. Fuel filter, no I didn’t. Is that something the average person without many tools could do? I was going to change the air filter but the screws were rusted shut and I haven’t gotten any pentrated oil yet.

On most cars yes. Unfortunately in a little web research about the interpid.
I found.

near the bottom, relating to a 94 intrepid.

And if yours in in the tank as well, no it’s not particularly easy. (Stupid Dodges making me look like an idiot)

wait I found something better.

It’s not in the tank just near it. It’s a moderatly pain in the ass procedure, Involving jacking the car up, removing the bracket and putting the new one on. It your gas tank is pretty low you could just get someone to hold their thumb of the open end, and you should spill much, rather than “relieving the fuel pressure”. No fancy tools required, but not as easy as cars with the fuel filter under the hood.

Eva, thanks for the rec. It’s even close by where I live.

wolfman, I think if it requires jacking the car up and two people I’ll have the mechanic do it. :slight_smile:

Oh, there’s also a not-very-loud intermittant squeaking coming from the front wheels anytime the brake is not applied. I’m thinking I need new pads.

My money is on the fuel pump itself. I bet that sucker is pumping out something around 10-15 psi. It should be close to 35-45 psi, depending on it’s requirements.

Have him check your air filter.

If it is really gunked up and in need of changing, it can block the air intake and cause hesitation and eventual stalling. Before totally effing up your transmission.

I know, I’ve been there and had to rebuild the transmission. ( all because of a stinkin’ mouse. I hate mices.)

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