Know what? FUCK your thoughts and prayers

I wonder how many 2nd Amendment fanatics can even name another passed the first two. Most can’t even get the 1st correct, proven whenever they cry their xenophobic close minded bigotry is called out by another citizen.

She was on a bike and got hit by a car. Perhaps there’s a better way to phrase it, but it’s not all that difficult.

Yeah. That’s just that bullshit. A crazy person inspired by primitive superstitions is not my fault. It’s not any responsible acting person’s fault. People have freedom to do act and some take that freedom and commit atrocities. That’s not a problem of freedom. It’s a problem of an imperfect world. Trampling on fundamental rights because we live in an imperfect world is stupid.

Passed or past? I can name many but there is no point.

And gun laws should be abolished because law-abiding people don’t need them.


Let’s just eliminate all laws, mmmkay, and descend into anarchy?

I disagree with the characterization that anybody who resists gun control is some sort of gun nut who is no doubt attracted to firearms to make up for underlying inadequacies.

Furthermore, there really isn’t a lot of gray area in this debate. There is already substantial legislation in place that regulates the sale and use of firearms. Asking that law abiding people be further restricted is too much.

So, any comment on how gun grabbers might agree on ways to alleviate this problem, or is “more government” pretty much the only contribution to the discussion we can expect from them?

That’s not an argument. It’s an amalgamation of clichés and stereotypes applied to anybody you disagree with.

I don’t think you are thinking big enough. I would say not even offering thoughts and prayers is the least anyone can do.

Is this suppose to be a serious response?

Maybe we should ban all muslims from entering the country like Trump wants. Oh that wouldn’t have done anything to prevent this massacre? Well, neither would anything you have ever proposed.

If in the effort to stop all acts of terror, we trample our own rights, the terrorist will have won.

This guys doesn’t represent gun owners any more than he represents muslims. This guy’s ideology is every bit a factor in this incident as the guns he carried. Don’t believe he could have accomplished so much evil without guns? Ask the Tsarnaev brothers.

But don’t mind me. I’m just dying to see what non-futile actions you are going to take. Internet tough guy here about to take some non-futile actions, make room for the internet tough guy. The fact is that the idiots on the gun control side who fucked themselves in the eye after Sandy hook are aiming to fuck the same exact eye socket again by going after assault weapons bans again.

You can’t make this shit up, they are literally thinking to themselves, America was turned off of gun control in the wake of dozens are dead school children because they realized assault weapons ban were so stupid but now that its dead homosexuals they will totally jump on the assault weapons ban bandwagon.

Right. I mean, it’s like the example of Australia doesn’t even exist. All I hear about, day and night, is Aussies bitching about how they’ve lost all their rights.

Just because they don’t bitch about their losing their rights isn’t proof that they didn’t.

So when you compare their rates of gun violence to ours, you believe that what ‘rights’ we retain is worth the cost? What have the Aussies lost that you couldn’t live without if we could reduce gun violence as dramatically as Australia did?


The right to own guns for starters.

So I checked Wikipedia, and you could own a rifle or shotgun. A handgun, not so much. What’s the problem with that? If you could read this, and get back to me?

One group of people telling another group of people what they can and can’t own is the problem.
Besides, it’s hard to take the arguments of gun grabbers seriously. Lifestyle choices kill far, far, far more people than gun violence in the US. If the goal is saving lives, you’d be far more effective banning French fries and being a lazy fuck.

Don’t stomp on my freedom!

But if she was a smoker her life would also be cut short. If there was a pool she could have drowned. You see? There is no point to having any laws, law breakers will always ignore them. And yet good people still die for no reason all the time. Hence we must transcend governmental restrictions on liberty at every turn! Perhaps that’s just hyperbole, perhaps existing in a free country means nothing less than not inconveniencing your hobby in anyway.

Or perhaps you shouldn’t waste anyone’s time with moronic false equivalences.

With eloquent spokespersons such as yourself on the anti-gun side, it’s a minor miracle your side hasn’t carried the day.

I was making fun of Post #13, your contribution.