Know what? FUCK your thoughts and prayers

We know the drill from long practice. After yet another mass killing, something that happens literally every few days in the US, there are cries of sympathy for the families, peace vigils, relentless shared Facebook posts, paeans to love, and prayers that God will somehow change people’s hearts.

But essentially no insistence on actual legislation or changes in policies, funding for mental health treatment, identification of dangerous persons, training and licensing requirements, any of the sensible methods for preventing these things from happening again. If you’re not doing any of that, go fuck yourself with that vigil candle, okay? You knew the last time and the time before and the time before that back to infinity what it takes to actually save lives in the future. And you didn’t do shit but wring your hands, make a headband or something with whatever color is trendy among the useless, hell, you know what you did and didn’t do. And you’re doing it, or *not *doing it, again, aren’t you? You know there are more people dead today, and every day, because you couldn’t be bothered to do anything but congratulate yourself on loving and praying and showing symbols to other people like you. And those dead people’s blood is largely on your hands too.

Did you settle for just praying for people to become better persons? For God to reach people’s hearts and create love? Did it stop with handwringing for you? Then guess what, Sparky, you’re part of the fucking problem, aren’t you? What do suppose God thinks of you making excuses for your inaction and putting the responsibility on Him, huh? That’s not why we’re here, and you damn well know that’s not what you’ve been taught is right, even if it makes you feel good about yourself for a moment. Because it’s going to happen again and again and again until you get off your pew and do what you know you need to do.

Now start demanding effective registration and licensing and sales tracking and you know the rest. Start demanding the repeal of the Second Amendment, behind which so many cowards have hidden.

If you’re actually opposing doing anything to save lives, well, you’re going to hell anyway, but in the meanwhile please turn in your toys and shut the fuck up too. You’ve already shown you have nothing to contribute, just more denials and lies and opposition and denigration and fantasies about resisting tyranny, and not a single damn thing that would save a single damn life. You don’t even care. There’s no reaching you except to point out that “the bad guys” are you.

There will be no symbolic but futile gestures from me. I’m not wasting any time with any more fucking peace rallies. Let’s all get on with actually saving lives, for pity’s sake.

I’m Christian, and I’ve been thinking the same thing (and not for the first time, either). The God I believe in is big enough to take it.


This November, we can vote many of the culprits right out of office. That’s the best I can personally do.

Offering thoughts and prayers after a shooting is absolutely the least anyone can do.

The victims’ blood is on my hands because exactly why? Because I didn’t run for office? Because I didn’t write a letter demanding policy change? Because why?

What an infuriating accusation. It smacks of “if you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

I certainly understand the frustration, and maybe I’ve read it wrong, but this seems over the top.

Thoughts and prayers aren’t cutting it. They aren’t getting the job done.

A hell of a lot of other free countries have a hell of a lot fewer murders. If we don’t learn from them, then the murders are morally our own damn fault, and the blood is on our hands.

Evil exists in the world. Legislating away law abiding people’s rights won’t change that. Neither will righteous indignation.

So, you just gave up?

Never tried, probably, or even thought about it. No, he’s telling us that he himself is proudly *part *of the evil that exists in the world.

Not agreeing with you makes me evil. You puritans are all alike.

Gave up on what exactly?

The world ever being free of evil? Yes. The idea that the cure to every problem is another government program that restricts rights? Yes to that as well.

You’re accepting murder as a normal fact of life we should all just accept, in the name of fostering your fetish. Yes, that makes you evil. Yes, the “bad guys” include you. Deal with it.

In the last 16 mass shootings 8 of the perpetrators had criminal records while they legally purchased their weapons.

If valuing freedom is a fetish, then I’m guilty.

Good to know. Might come in handy next time I play Trivial Pursuit.

This whole post is nothing but a symbolic futile gesture. You’re just whoring for attention, I bet after you wrote this self righteous bullshit you sat down in your threadbare recliner and finished the other half of that bag of nacho cheese Doritos. I bet you have not and will not do any of the shit you’re espousing besides gushing about it on the internet.

I’ve tried to do my part by not shooting anyone, nor advocating shooting anyone, today. I hope that’s good enough for the OP. If not, well, I don’t know, shoot me, I guess.

One thing I’m not going to do is play quien es más autosuficiente. Sorry.

My mother died in a car accident while riding her bike. Quick, everyone tell me what a terrible person I am because I don’t think it was the government’s responsibility to prevent it.

You terrible person, you probably felt all sad and got together with your family and reminisced about her and cried together and held a funeral and memorial service of some sort like a bunch of human beings with feelings and emotions and stuff, and didn’t do one single thing to make the government take all those deadly, murderous cars off the road! :rolleyes:

ElvisL1ves, If it’s time to start saving lives, for pity’s sake, please list all the concrete steps you yourself have taken in the interest of doing so. Not what people should be doing, not what it’s obvious that any non-murderer knows to do, I mean stuff that you personally have done.

Please start with, oh, let’s say Columbine since that’s probably the earliest mass shooting people can remember with any kind of clarity. After all, if it’s been apparent from the get-go that this is going to be a mushrooming problem in the US, with a set of equally obvious solutions that haven’t been put in place because the bloody-handed sheeple of the USA have been too busy holding prayer vigils to act on them, someone with your clarity of vision must have a list a mile long of letters to congresscritters, campaign work for candidates endorsing stricter gun control legislation, stuff like that.

So… No comment on how gun enthusiasts might agree on steps to alleviate this problem while also not ‘legislating away rights of law abiding people’?

Or is ‘evil exists in the world’ pretty much the only contribution to the discussion we can expect from them?

That has to be difficult to do. Was she also in a swimming pool at the time and smoking?