Know what I'm sick of lately? Then read this.

I’m sick of asterisks. Yep that little * thing there. The busness world has used them to death. I’m sick of looking at cell phone ads and seeing that little thing by the price only to look down the page and see that it’s a friggin mail-in rebate price.

And speaking of mailin-rebates it’s my little inconspicious sorry assed opinion that they suck excretment through a straw. My son bought a motorola cell phone 2 months and guess what? He is still waiting for his stinking mail-in rebate check.

Here’s a good idea. (Man I hope all the advertisers in the world are reading this) Hows about if we are selling something let’s just put a price on it and leave it at that? You know, if it cost a dollar then say this fucking thing costs a dollar! It’s not the manufacturers suggested retail price, it’s not the mail-in rebate price, it’s not the interest free for 60 days same as cash price it’s not the after market or trade in price it’s just the price. Then I would get out a dollar and gladly pay the price!

Oh! and another thing. Don’t send me a credit card and then ask me to activate it! If the damn thing is no good without activation then don’t send it! I know as soon as I call to activate it your going to try and sell me some kind of payoff insurance or something like that. Just a backhanded telemarketing ploy.

Ohh yeah get this. I have privacy manager service from SBC. Guess what. I get a call from them the other day asking me if I wanted to buy a phone from them, What!!! I subscribed to their privacy manager to keep telelmarketers from calling me, yet the very people I bought the service from are telemarketing me!!!
Well thanks for letting me get this off my mind.

Yeah, i hear you regarding mail-in rebates. It’s a big scam in some instances. I participate in a few digital photography forums, and the people there are constantly complaining about Adobe and its unwillingness to honour mail-in rebates on software like Photoshop.

Some of these people sent in their rebate forms months ago and simply have never had any response from the company. I guess that companies like this think that, once you have paid for the product and have it in your house, you’re not likely to kick up too much of a fuss over a $50 rebate certificate.


Sometimes the mail in rebate thing works the other way. In my case, it has evened itself out. In general, I agree that it’s a big scam. In fact, I read somewhere (no cite, sorry, I think I read this in another thread, actually) that manufacturers start offering rebates when they are about to drop the price on a given item. Since the item is already in stores at the higher price, they offer a “rebate” fully knowing that something like only 3% of consumers will actually take the time and fill out all the paperwork correctly.

When I bought my digital camera, there was a mail in rebate on, I think, the memory cards you use with dig. cams. I went through the requisite gymnastic maneuvers, acts of congress and reams of paperwork and submitted the rebate in a timely manner. (Within a month or so of purchase.) Got a letter back that said I missed the “deadline” and so no rebate would be sent. Fuck me.

Then on Saturday I got a check for $50 in the mail… from Lexmark. The letter thanked me for purchasing a Lexmark printer. I have never purchased any Lexmark products, nor did I send in a mail in rebate. In fact, I do not even own a printer. All of the information on the check – my name, address, etc. – were correct. Fuck Lexmark. (nothin’ personal)

I call it rebate Karma. I’m cashing the check.

Before you do, make sure there isn’t fine print on the back of the check that says “by depositing this payment you grant us permission to change your long-distance service” or some other scammy type thing.

No one tried to sell me anything when I activated my credit card. I believe it’s a security measure–that way, someone can’t just steal the card out of the mail and start charging away while you’re oblivious to the fact that a card’s even been sent.

My experience was the same - no attempt to sell me insurance or anything. I think it’s just a security thing, as Angel says.

Actually, from what I understand, it’s to insure that the proper person has the card. Thieves have been known to steal them out of mailboxes and without a proper activation system, anyone could take it and screw up your credit royally.

What your saying is true however the last card I activiated was Sears and when I called they tried to sell me insurance against not having to payoff the balance in case I was injured or died.

However the other side of the coin is that I recently activated a Discover card and there was no sales pitch what so ever.

So you guys rightly and justly harpooned that weak-assed part of my rant.

But since we’re in the pit and even tho you’re mostly right…go fuck off anyway.

Hey, you got something at least. I’ve sent the rebate form in twice for the computer I’m typing this on. The first time it got sent back because I didn’t have something the company didn’t ask for in the first place. Still waiting on the second reply.**

That’s the spirit.

It is better to have an asterisk, than never to have risked your ass at all.

“I regret I only have one asterisk for my nation.” – Nathan Hale

hey, come to think of it, those CDs I bought at Best Buy . . . I don’t have the rebate check yet from them either. I’ve never done this rebate thing before either. Hell of a first experience . . .

When my husband bought his cell phone, we sent in all the paperwork for rebates - I think we were to get $100 from one company and $40 from another. Well, we got the $100, then we got the $40, then we got another $100. I put them all in the bank figuring if the second $100 was an error, I’d just write a check to cover it. It’s been 8 months, so I guess it was mine.

Despite my good luck, I agree that rebates are a pain in the patootie. Same with haggling over the cost of a car or clipping coupons for groceries. I don’ t like money games. Just give me the bottom line and I’ll base my decision on that. Life’s too short…

Well, from the thread title I thought you were sick of clairvoyants.

Mary had a spaceship
She flew it fast and brisk
Mary was a fool
Her little *