Kopi Luak, a.k.a. weasel, civet, or fox coffee

Apparently, critters in the jungle eat the ripe coffee, “process” it, and then the remains are (presumably) washed and brewed. The phrase “steaming fresh” comes to mind.

Anybody ever tried it? What does the “processing” accomplish in terms of taste? Can civet vs weasel vs other animals be differentiated by connoisseurs?

The Master has spoken.

Thank you. But the answer seems to be, Yes, it exists (which I knew), and No, Cecil hasn’t tried it: “The coffee *is said * to have a rich, full-bodied, almost syrupy quality” (emphasis mine). So who’s tried it (other than Anthony Bourdain)?

I suspect that the “weasel” coffee I tried, from Vietnam, had been artificially treated with acid and enzymes rather than having passed through the alimentary canal of an actual animal. Regardless, the flavor was quite distinctive and very good.

Trung Nguyen?

Yes, that’s exactly what the package says. It also says “Give you source inspiration of new creation!”

And here I just picked up a kilo of Cafe Mai, whose packaging merely reports “grinding technique handed down from former generations” (presumably, at the time). No civets in evidence, thogh I didn’t check the back room.

I’m inclined to think now that my coffee actually had been passed by a civet. A new creation, as it were.

One of my coffee importers has tried it…he doesn’t carry it though. He said it was different…

I know a few knowledgeable people in the industry think it’s a hoax.

I worked with someone who tried it, but he isn’t much of a coffee drinker so he couldn’t give much of a report. If I get the opportunity here in Indonesia, I will definitely try it.

I read an article in the Jakarta Post about a farmer trying to feed coffee beans to captured civets, but his coffee isn’t rated as high as that from wild civets. The article said that one reason may be that civets are very picky about the beans they eat and choose only the best, but ones in captivity can’t be so picky. The article also said that there is a lot of fakes on the market.

Dave Barry tried it, and commented on it for one of his columns. His response (paraphrased slightly) “It tasted just like coffee that has gone through a weasel. But worse, somehow.”

Here’s a brief page about it, with pictures of the animal: Ravens Brew Coffee :slight_smile: