Kowabunga Dude! = Tsunami on the Sun.

A Large Tsunami Shock Wave on the Sun
To scale, the earth would appear about the size of a pencil eraser.

Studied once, for twenty minutes in the 1960’s:

Thanks for the photo, Squink. Photographs of the Sun always amaze me.
Such tremendous power!

Yo. Surf is Waaaay up!

One of my favorite web sites.


Dayum. A million clicks an hour. That’s, like, way faster than a Bugatti Veryon.

[nitpick] The article states that the sunspot (pictured) that produced the tsunami was “Earth-sized.” [/nitpick]

Seriously, astronomy fascinates the hell out me, and all the recent research about the Sun has been incredible with all the close-ups and such. I’d never seen anything like that, and it’s both incredible and rather frightening.

Can you imagine one day having the technology to actually surf on the sun’s surface?

That would be so awesome. :cool:

You just know the Silver Surfer was riding that wave!