Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Christmas commercial

This is so charming. Reminds me of my wife and I’s time together when she was expecting our first daughter. We weren’t quite this adorable, :slight_smile: but she kept me just as busy with my own honey do list. Great memories.

Have you seen their previous commercial?

No I hadn’t. Thank you for posting the link.

Such a cute couple. Have they done any movies together?

to hell with Dax Shepard, if that is his real name, I wanted Kristen for myself!!!

Whenever I see her, I can’t get the image of her on Deadwood, out of my mind. What a brutal scene that was, and it stood out for me, in a show filled with brutal scenes.

They did some kind of cross-country car trip movie a couple of years ago.
I have a little crush on her despite the age difference…

Someone needs to develop a movie project for these two. Remember the great movies with screen couples? Lucie and Desi made a few movies. Burns and Allen. Hepburn and Tracy.

Some of Hepburn and Tracy’s scripts would be perfect for remaking with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.
Woman of the Year or Adam’s Rib are two that I’m thinking of.

Hit or Run or something. They were dating and she had a job interview across the country but he was in the witness protection program and then the guys he sold up the river got wind of his location and they have wacky misadventures and hijinks. It was a good popcorn flick.

Or her equally brutal scene in The Shield.

Hit & Run. It was a surprisingly fun movie mostly because you could tell that everyone making the movie was enjoying themselves. Shepard is a serious car nut and he wanted to make a car chase movie. So he wrote, produced, and directed it and cast a bunch of people he liked working with in it.

Yes, Dax is his real name. His mother named him after a character in a novel.

Kristen Bell is also her real name. But when she was growing up she went by Annie, which is her middle name (and her character’s name in Hit & Run). She decided to switch back to Kristen when she began acting.

In addition to Hit & Run, I always assumed they met during production of When In Rome.

I am old. I had no idea who they are.

All I got from the commercial is, here are two twee people with far too much money for their ages, making a “California” Christmas (self-absorbed, overly done and fake). I don’t hate them, but I don’t particularly like them, either. I figured they had to be some somebodies, but had no idea who.

No that I know that they actually are “somebody”, the commercial doesn’t bother me as much, as all Hollywood celebrities are self-absorbed and fake. it’s part and parcel with the job.

But I still don’t want a Dick Tracy wrist phone.

Good, because it would be hard to take Annie Bell seriously.

I feel like I’m becoming the Oracle for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

No, they met through a mutual friend in 2007. (Coincidentally, they’re both from Detroit but they met in Los Angeles after they separately relocated to become actors.) Shepard was cast in a supporting role in When in Rome in 2010 because of his connection with Bell.

Of course, everybody’s seen the sloth meltdown video, right?

and has anyone seen her in The Lifeguard?

Yeah, they were going for “cute”, but the gratuitous use of technology was so contrived that it was just annoying. Nothing like a good old-fashioned Victorian Christmas with tablets and wrist phones and (not their fault) a very modern house that says “holiday” less than just about any other architecture ever.

I don’t even think it works as a Samsung commercial. In the unlikely scenario that I felt I need to beam photos of the crap in my attic to anyone, I could do it just as easily with an iPhone and an iPod or any of a dozen brands of laptops.

Yes, a solution in search of a problem.

So the pad works as a TV remote. You know what else does that? My TV remote.

Given that the point of the commercial is to sell Samsung hardware, pointing out other solutions to their problems would be kinda, uh, counter-productive to the client’s needs.

Would you expect a Chevrolet commercial to point out that you could walk to the store?