Kroger Coffee

A dollar a can.
Okay at home in the wee hours of the morning, but really yucky at work.
I put in an extra scoop, so a spoon stands up in it and it makes my skin tingle.
Gotta be bad for you…

Any time you can get your skin to tingle for less than a buck HAS to be a good thing. As long as you don’t catch anything…

Their Special Gourmet Blend (or something like that) isn’t bad. It was on sale last week for .99/can, and I stocked up on several cans of the French Roast. I get bored with coffees, so I switch often, but I like this one as a standby when I’m not in the mood for anything else.
Mmmm. Coffee!

I always get the Kroger brand. But you guys must be getting a smaller can than I am ! Or something. It’s like 4 or 5 bucks?

I’ll have to try it. Coffee is a staple, and too expensive at that. Kroger it is, by jove!

They’re talking about the smaller cans. I agree the French Roast is decent standard coffee. Not as good as fresh beans, but WTH. BTW, I bought my large can for $2.99. Just couldn’t say no.

Anything less than Batdorf and Bronson is just killing time for this coffee snob.

But a dollar a can?! I’m killing time, not my stomach lining, for God’s sake!


I shop at Kroger most of the time and am prone to pick up their coffee as it’s pretty decent and usually on sale.

I, too, am fond of their “gourmets” but even just the regular “premium” is good, IMO. That’s what I bought this last trip and it’s good.

1 lb. bag, (ground, vacuumed packed) sale price, 2/$3.00. Not too chabby, mon.

I took Mama Plant to cataract surgery and she gave me a can of Folger’s for my reward. I’m saved.

All you guys who go buy Kroger’s, drop my name. Maybe I’ll get a kickback.

See, these are the conversations that make me understand that I can never leave again.
[li]Canned coffee :eek: (we need a smiley that’s more like *:-p )[/li][li]Peets :smiley: [/li][/ul]

Were you gone?