Kryton (Red Dwarf) interviews Capt.Picard (Robert Llewellyn's casual chat with Sir Patrick Stewart)

Good interview between Robert Llewellyn (Kryton on Red Dwarf) and Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek

Robert interviews people during a car trip when he picks them up, chats, and drops them off.

Very casual interviews.
Well worth looking at some of the other interviews, its “down to earth” chats, you feel like you are seeing the “real” person, and not the public “persona”.

Great find. Sir Patrick Stewart the Squirrel Hater. Who knew?

Other notable guests for me- Dave Gorman, Chris Barrie, and Craig Charles. Guess the others are more popular in Britain.

Its perfectly OK to hate squirrel`s in the UK.

Baby Seals are a different kettle of fish.

That’s brilliant. I’m very pleased that they didn’t talk about Star Trek at all except in passing. It was a very interesting conversation.

And I see a Stephen Fry one, oooh…

Nice vintage Mac theme. You don’t see that often.