Kucinich and ABC News

My father is a big fan of Kucinich and let me know about the issues his campaign has with ABC’s handling and coverage around the recent Democatic debate. Apparently Kucinich didn’t get to speak for 30 minutes, surveys in his favor were discontinued and the results not publicized, and a group picture was cropped to leave him out.

For those who saw the debate (I didn’t), what was the format until he got to speak? Did it seem like they didn’t get to him for an inordinate amount of time, or was that a result of the structure of talking to each candidate?

What is ABC’s or any news organization’s responsibility to be impartial about coverage? I understand they are ultimately corporations but this kind of manipulation seems unnecessary.

A cite that doesn’t come from Kucinich’s Web site would be useful in assessing what he says, but…

For the polls, my totally uninformed guess would be that ABC decided or observed that something was wrong with the results. Maybe they saw that a few people were voting over and over, or maybe they said “hmmm, Kucinich is getting way more support here than logic dictates he should- this poll is being manipulated and it’ll be worthless.” Of course, if they think about it that way, why bother with the survey in the first place?

Kucinich being cropped out of a photo really isn’t bias. If he was the only one left out, he might have a complaint, but they’re not obligated to show everybody in any crowd.

Stephanopoulos ignoring him might be grounds for a complaint, but we don’t know if other candidates with poll numbers similar to Kucinich’s got the same treatment.

Unfortunately they’ve taken down the article about ABC that I linked to, but the picture was of the candidates in a row, and had seven out of eight of them pictured. It was basically this picture with Kucinich cropped off the left-hand side.

Mother Jones blog and comments

On 8/22 “The following webpage says Kucinich killed, but follows with “this is not a scientific survey.” The fact that the poll results are not mentioned on any TV show or newspaper is highly suspect.
http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Decision2008/popup?id=3493427” Now that link is back to being another survey. So they just keep asking till they get an answer they like? What is ABC’s motivation?

It would be rather irresponsible for a mainstream news source to present the results of an unscientific survey as news. If it was a web survey, it would be even more responsible. Any jerk with free time can vote a billion times if they wanted to.

This is a whoosh, right?

From the Washington Post:


Every news show/network does its unscientific surveys and announces the results. Frequently.

Thank you for the update.

As far as the survey, I didn’t expect it to be represented as “real news” but if they pulled the results and kept trying, that seems odd.