Kucinich thinks campaign going too well, decides to sabotage

What’s the old saying in D.C? The worst thing that can happen to your political career is to be caught with a dead girl or a live boy. Number three may be communicating with aliens. It seemed doubtful that Kucinich will make any sort of splash in the primaries but still, did it really seem like a good idea at the time? I’m sure after he heard Obama give his answer Dennis thought “Damn I should have said that instead.”

Oh brother. The UFO communicated with him too?

It’s getting really hard to call myself a Kucinich supporter. I like his politics, but I have a low tolerance for this new-age wackiness. I don’t think I want a guy like that in the oval office.

He said “14%”. I think it’s closer to “tin.”

That was pretty sharp by Obama. And not really bagging on Kucinich, but on the question.

It’s a legitimate question to ask, though maybe not the right forum- unless you have impeaching questions about all of the debate participants (which Russert may have).

Anyway, wow.

Obama is a kick ass politician. Every time he talks I get a better opinion of him.

I haven’t looked into anyone’s politics yet (still too early), but I just wanted to point out that Obama kicks ass politically.

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Sometimes emoticons can express the ineffable.

Interesting, the voting buttons at article end convey most voters feel the UFO question irrelevant to a presidential debate, but they still think his answer in the affirmative undermines his credibility.

Both question and answer certainly caught me off-guard… and yeah, Obama’s segue was nicely done.

Well, to be fair, in the debate he didn’t actually address whether he had “communicated” with anything. All we have is him saying he saw something in the sky.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

Too bad the Weekly World News is gone. It would be interesting to see if our resident space alien would endore Kucinich. He has predicted at least the last three presidents.

For those of us who can’t access the link, what did Obama say?

Dennis saw a UFO, and talked about it, and is married to a woman so hot she scorches footprints in the sidewalk when she barefoots.

I have seen a UFO, have told any number of people about it. There appears to be no cause and effect here. Damn.

The only thing that bothers at me at all is the “heard directions in your mind”- that I’d like expounded upon. But Kucinich himself goes onto say that it was a UFO- unidentified flying object- not that it was a battleship from Aldebaran VII.

True story: I saw a triangular UFO one night near Pensacola FL. I later learned it was an experimental aircraft flying out of Eglin AFB, but many people reported it because it wasn’t the type of aircraft you usually see. The operative word is just unidentified.

OTOH, Kucinich may as well say he was anally probed and mated to Montana Wildhack while on board. He’s actually behind Stephen Colbert in some polls.

He’s asked if he believes in life on other planets (a, ahem, relevant question for a presidential candidate during a time of war and economic downturn). Obama responds “I don’t know and I don’t presume to know. What I know is that there is life here on Earth” [laughter/applause] “and that we’re not attending to life here on Earth.” He then takes it back to kids and senior citizens and says “as president those are the people I’ll be attending to first, not some other folks who may be on their way”.

Heh, to be fair, how many self-respecting women choose to do their husband shopping in a town named Nipples?

He kicks ass by not kicking ass. His debate response is an example. He just says what we’re not doing now. He rarely gives details of what he’d actually do differently. He’s frustratingly mercurial. Exactly how are you going to take care of the elderly, Mr. Obama? Some specifics, please?


Huh. Look! Positions! Goals! Things he’s said he will do, things he’s done.

There is some cause and effect. I won’t be voting for you either.

So, Kucinich is bat-shit crazy. This is news?


He needs to talk about these points more, and stop just saying, “I 'm about change…etc.” I don’t think the average voter has any idea what differentiates him from Clinton on policy. Most of these things Clinton probably supports (though it’s hard to tell, because she remains so opaque).

Damn true, Guizot. I became an Obama fan a while ago, when I started listening to his podcasts about the oil crisis, back when I wanted to find out who this new guy who was keynoting the DNC was. He really does talk about the numbers.

Dunno why he’s not going “I have a plan!” Maybe because plans can be shot down.