Kum Ba Yah

I agree with most of your article on the title post. However those Black people on the off South Caroline islands are not African American and they are not from West Africa:

  1. African American - Those people are Hebrew Ysraylites as are most Black people in America, the Caribbean, Brazil, Ashanteland in Ghana, etc. Our home land is Ysrayl (Israel). See our fore-parents were there long before the European Ashkenazi Jews stole the land from the Palestinians. It is blasphemy for anyone to call us African American and that includes most of us.

  2. We are not from West Africa. West Africa departure ports were where our fore-parents were put on ships in the worst holocaust in human history. But of course, that activity was predicted by Father Yahweh through Mosheh in Deuteronomy 28:68. See our fore-parents did not believe the blessings and curses as written by Mosheh in Deuteronomy chapters 27, 28.

So now here we are calling ourselves African American, the same as calling ourselves Negroes, cones, etc. Everything but who we really are. We still are just as stiff-neck as our forefathers. Throughout our history book (the Holy Scriptures) we have been stiff necked…wanted to be like everybody else instead of living a Torah observant life.


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What does “kumbaya” mean?

Kofi, would you mind documenting your contentions with some objective historical cites?

I suspect that some useful background info on where Kofi is coming from is in the Wikipedia article Black Hebrew Israelites.

Cool story, bro.

I didn’t ask for evidence that some people may believe this. I asked for evidence that any history supports the contention.

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I love the way he embraces his Ysraylitesness while at the same time spewing anti-Semitism at those who currently think of themselves Jews.