Kung Fu (the series) and "Widescreen"

I read recently that (at least) the first season DVD release of the TV series “King Fu” was released in a format that can only be described as fake widescreen. As the story goes, DVD producers (presumably former VHS producers), after many years of cropping widescreen movies down into the so-called “full screen” format, have finally become convinced that, with the advent of DVD’s and widescreen TV’s, more people now prefer the widescreen format. But, since “Kung Fu” was shot in the standard old TV format, to make it “widescreen” they had to crop off part of the top and bottom of the picture, cutting off parts of many characters heads an legs in the process.

My question is, can anyone find out the specific identity of the moronic person or persons who made this decision so that they may be publicly vilified, hopefully humiliating them sufficiently so that they or others like them will never do such a stupid thing again?

Don’t have an answer to your specific question, but I do own the series, and Season 1 is “letterboxed”. Seasons 2 and 3 (to my recollection) are not.

Who decided to do it? Some idiot, I’m guessing.

Great series, though. One of my favorite shows as a kid. One of the few shows that I’ve bought in its entirety on dvd all in one fell swoop.

Hey, Lee:

I hope you don’t mind my reviving this thread, but I’ve got a question about this series, too. Since no-one answered yours, I hope you don’t mind me adding to the mix, here.

I just finished watching this series on dvd, and noticed something that makes me wonder if it’s just me.

The very last episode on the very last disk (entitled “The Last Raid”) freezes at a time-mark of 19:33. It sits for a bit, goes back to 19:32 for a bit, then jumps ahead to 24:53 or somesuch. I’m missing about five minutes of this episode.

There doesn’t seem to be any visual damage to the disk, and it isn’t my player (since I tried watching it on my dvd-rom drive on my pc and it did the same thing).

Anyone else have this problem? It seems to be a coding snafu, but I’m guessing it’s a bit too late to return it for a refund. I can live with it (the rest of the series is perfect); I just wondered if I was alone or not.

Are you talking about Season 3? I pulled out the last disk of Season 1 and didn’t find an episode called “The Last Raid”.

Yeah, Season Three. The last episode broadcast: April 26th, 1975.

I was worried, because the next thing on that disk was the documentary where Carradine finally gets to visit a Shaolin temple, and I was afraid that it would be messed up, too. It played perfectly, though…in fact, the whole series was flawless except for this one episode.