Kurt Warner HOF yet?

Would you put Warner in the HOF if he retired tomorrow?

God, that’s hard to say. He had an AMAZING few years. I’d say that he gets in, though.

As a biased Cardinals fan, yes.

But, as an NFL fan, I’m not sure yet.

Oh, my goodness, no. Not even close.

I’m with Frank. It’s really not close.

If having a few great years makes you HOF material, there are going to be an awful lot of guys that qualify.

I’d put Tiki Barber in over Warner, and there’s no way Tiki gets in.

If Warner leads the Cards to the Super Bowl this year, then there would be a serious case.

I say no.

I’m of the opinion that you really shouldn’t put anyone in any of the Halls of Fame if they’d be the worst player at their position. (I understand the issue with that if those guidelines were used from the start of a HoF)

Here’s the list of current QBs in the hall:
Troy Aikman
George Blanda
Terry Bradshaw
Len Dawson
John Elway
Dan Fouts
Otto Graham
Bob Griese
Sonny Jurgenson
Jim Kelly
Bobby Layne
Dan Marino
Joe Montana
Warren Moon
Joe Namath
Bart Starr
Roger Staubach
Fran Tarkenton
Y.A. Tittle
Johnny Unitas
Norm Van Brocklin
Bob Waterfield
Steve Young

Is Warner any better than any of the guys on that list? Does he belong in the discussion with any of them? He won one Super Bowl, lost another, spent a few years injured, then backing up Marc Bulger and Eli Manning. Now he’s having a renaissance for a year and you want to put him in the hall? Well, fine, if you want to crown his ass, then crown him. But is who we think he is!

See, I wouldn’t put Tiki Barber in at all. That’s not even close.

Warner has 2 MVP awards, 1 Super Bowl MVP award, third all-time in passer rating, the second-most accurate passer in NFL history, and one Super Bowl ring. I’d say Warner gets in. I’d like Warner to stick around for a few more years to make a better case, however.

Warner, IMO, falls into the category of very good, but not a HoFer. He hasn’t had the sustained level of excellence necessary to get that honour.

I don’t care if he does, there’s not a case. He’s been in the top ten in fumbles and interceptions (each, not together!) more often that he has in passing yards. In his ten year career, he’s only started more than ten games in a season four times.

If he’s a Hall of Famer, well, hell, have I got a list of Redskins and Broncos.

He has been League MVP twice. and Superbowl MVP once.
Has the second highest career completion percentage in NFL history.
Career QB rating #3 behind only Young and P. Manning.
Pro Bowl 3 times
Has Passed for 25,000 yards so far in his career.

If He plays well this year and comes back next year or two and does well. With another SB win he could or at least making it to the SB. He could make it.
Not a first ballot player, but sometime down the road.


The league MVPs are something, but the completion percentage is not. He’s second, as you say. First is Chad Pennington, demonstrating how little that stat has to do with greatness.

The problem is it isn’t based on anything but hype. Top positions and names find it easier to get in, regardless of the stats.

Way too short a peak. He was a great QB for a few years with fantastic offensive weapons around him, but other then that he has been no better than mediocre. His problems with fumbles have killed his teams in key spots. Yeah, he looked good this week, but how bout vs Wash when he killed them. And again in Arizona he has great receivers to work with. Way behind the likes of Steve McNair and Donavan Mcnabb.

Or the Jets, against whom he imploded.

He’s definitely better than Namath.

Right, but Pennington doesn’t have the rest of the resume. Also, Warner has a nice body of work alongside that. It’s the cherry, so to speak.
Mmm. Cherries sound good right now, actually. Cherries and watermelon are two fruits that the candy always tastes better than the fruit itself.

He is objectively much better than Joe Namath was. Joe Namath gets in for his braggadocio and little else. And in spite of my Steelers bias, Bradshaw doesn’t make it on the numbers either, he makes it on the rings.

Kurt Warner is the Steve Nash of the NFL. Yeah, he’s got two MVPs, but no one thought he was the best player in the NFL for those years. He was an above average QB that had a ridiculous amount of offensive threats around him.

So because Warner is (arguably) better that the (arguably) worst QB in Canton, he deserves it? This is why the baseball Hall of Fame has so many journeymen in it.

While Namath could reasonably be argued against as a skilled quarterback (which is doubtful, he also won a national championship at Alabama), he was responsible for a cultural change in the NFL. Worth the HoF? Maybe not.

Bradshaw led FOUR teams to Super Bowl wins. Worth the HoF? Maybe not.

Warner has neither. If Warner belongs in the Hall of Fame, so does Joe Theisman. So does Daryle Lamonica. So does Bill Kilmer. They were all better than Warner.