Reading another archived column (yeah i have too much time on my hands). I found a concern with your treatment of the timing of kwanzaa. You poked doubt as to the timing having anything to do with the harvest as its originators claimed, but more with a opposition to x-mas. While there may be something to this x-mas humbug, I would take issue with you saying the harvest is a bit late for it to be a real explanation. Last time i checked a significant portion of Africa is in the southern hemisphere where the growing seasons are reversed. and even while i lack in any farming experience and have never been to the dark continent I imagine this timing could be concurrent with the first harvest. Not to mention, i wonder how the growing seasons work in tropical regions where seasonal changes are much less traumatic for plant life.

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An October harvest that has been reversed on the calendar becomes an April harvest, not a December harvest.

You may have a better chance of pushing for a December harvest in the Tropics, but it would be nice if you provided the evidence.