Kyle Rayner1 and his crap about cops

In this thread, Kyle Rayner1 goes on a couple of rants about police. Specifically he has asserted that most of them are “lazy bastards” and that they need to “pull away from Dunkin Donuts.” And he’s now offended that I’ve called him on his juvenile, ill-informed, and prejudiced comments about police.

Care to explain yourself, Kyle, and this time doing it with a smidgen of honesty?

Which thread now?

I was out looking for the link that I forgot to post.

This thread.

We’re talking about the guy who believes that Batman is the answer to all of society’s problems, right? Why even bother with him, he’s obviously a loon.

He’s actually a two trick pony. Batman is real plus all cops are overweight, middle-aged and corrupt. That’s what I call value for money.

Masked Vigilantism. Is it morally eithical?

Yeah, I thought it was quite disingenuous of him when he asked me what I meant by “not in the comic book world!” I was basically telling him that reality isn’t comic books.

What bothers me is people describing police officers as donut swilling sloths. Those whom I know, in a couple of countries, are not like that. And I have yet been presented with any statistics to support such a caricature of them. Mind you, I’ve asked plenty of times for such statistics, most recently today–I asked the loon in question.

Cops do like doughnuts. Not all cops, maybe, but man, I work opposite a Dunkin Doughnuts on the other side of Queens Boulevard from a police precinct, and there’s usually at least a cop there, if you wander in. Sometimes three or four cars double-parked outside.
There’s reasons, of course, they’re easy to carry, not too bad for you, and a decent burst of fast energy when you’ve been shlepping all day.

Wouldn’t call most of them sloths, either.

But man, they do like their doughnuts.

“In the interests of public safety, we have confiscated every donut, bearclaw, and cruller in town. Oh, and some coffee.” - Chief Wiggums

I go to a Dunkin Donuts a couple times a week, and I often notice cops there. But I suspect I notice it more because of the stereotype, than because of frequency. There’s a name for that phenomonen, but I can’t recall it.

I also think it’s because of the uniform. You know a cop is at Dunkin Donuts because, well, he’s got a uniform on.

I stop at the DD near me regularly and there are several cops that I’ve come to recognize since they’re regulars too. They’re at DD for the same reason I am: they’re open early, are conveniently located, and have really good coffee!

Self fulfilling prophecy? Or envy? :slight_smile:

WRT the issue at hand: The problems with law enforcement are contained within the very institution of enforcement, and always have been. Qui custodiet ipsos custodes? That’s why there are self policing institutions in place. [rant] And it pisses me off that Internal Affairs is always called the “Rat Squad” on TV shows, when their entire purpose is to prevent corruption of their fellow officers [/rant]. Many of the violent and dominating kids from my school either went on to either break the law, or else to join it, which implies to me that they are not all that far apart, and from that we can wonder what it might take for them to fall back on their old ways.

Despite all of that, it is my opinion that the vast majority take their work and their responsibilities seriously. And if I were cornered by some creeps, I’d much rather have a cop there than Kyle Rayner1’s costumed crusader.

Hey, my first post to the Pit! Of all the things that piss me off, this is not the topic I would have thought that would have brought me here.

I have to respect the men and women who serve their fellow citizens, because there is no way I would do that job. There are individual officers I really don’t care for, but as a group I have nothing but respect. So what if they like donuts? That just means we have something in common. I think the whole cops/donuts thing is becoming an urban legend, like the one about lawyers eating their young. (that’s a joke, in case some lawyer out there is reading)

But the unanswered question is this:

Who could eat more doughnuts:- a fat, lazy cop or Batman?

That depends

Jelly or cream filled?

Cops have more practical experience in this. Thus, they would offer a large Soda to Batman. Not wanting to seem uppity, he would accept. Bad move. Never take a bet to eat a large number of doughnuts, then drink soda. Thus, a winner is C.O.P.S.

Who doesn’t like doughnuts?

That’s just silly, the real determinging factor would be

Is Batman prepared?

My cousin’s husband is a cop, and she also used to be in law enforcement. Whenever they come by our house they always bring a bag of donuts. It’s always good for a laugh. “Watch out! The cops are here! And they have donuts!”

Statistical coincidence? Selective recall?