L.A. Dopers: Is Christopher Nance mocking the anchors?

Am I mis-perceiving, or is Christopher Nance, the weather reporter for KNBC morning news, mocking the anchors? This morning an anchor made a comment about the beach. Something like, “You surfers need to be out waxing your boards.” Christopher Nance said something like, “I guess that’s why they call you ‘Shredder’, Shredder!” I’ve heard him use what sounds like mocking tones in the past as well.

Now, the morning news people aren’t exactly commedians; but that doesn’t stop them from trying to be funny. (Sometimes they’re very trying!) Is Christopher Nance mocking his co-workers? Or is he just trying (lamely) to continue a “funny” co-worker’s “joke”?

I remember Nance coming to my school as a child, to teach about meteorology, and I remember that guy creeped me out.

Oh – sprry about the spelling error. :o

Jeez, I just can’t win for losing!