Geekiest Looking Newscasters

I was cruising by Channel 22’s (Burlington VT) web site and saw they had some pretty nerdy looking anchors.

Anyone else got some ideas for some dorky anchormen or women?

The correct answer is Ted Koppel.

The little weasel from National Review that’s on CNNs Crossfire sometimes.

Aaron Brown on CNN.

And I really don’t get everyone who thinks Ashleigh Banfield on MSNBC is such a hottie. She does nothing for me.

They plaster his wussy mug on their web page. I’m reading about people dying, for crying out loud, and they want me to see his face, join AOL or buy something. Yuck.

I like Aaron Brown (even remember when he was on a local station in Seattle), but I suppose he does qualify as geeky. Several years ago when he was doing the overnight news on ABC, he gave the hockey scores all multiplied by pi.

Gary Gnu

That’s kind of cool.
To how many decimal places?

So do these people ask questions they know the answer to in order to be cool, questions listeners already know the answer to in order to be cool, stuff some writer asked them to ask or questions the guest/reporter wants them to ask?


How about local anchors?