L&O-SVU 12/6/05

Is it my imagination, or was that an original plot?

If by “original” you mean “convoluted” then no, it was not your imagination.


I missed the last half due to women troubles, so I’d appreciate a synopsis in spoilery box :slight_smile:

It had a few turnabouts in it, definitely:

[spoiler]A boy paralyzed after he’s stabbed in the back. He’s afraid to talk about it. Gasp! He’s being bullied by a big boy!

Turns out the big boy had actually administered a beating because the kid had been tormenting his half-sister because she has two moms, which is a hard sell in a Catholic school.

Of course, the big kid stabbed the littler kid, and got his sweet little 7-year-old sister to alibi him.

No, wait, the little kid was still being a total bastard to the girl, and she stabbed him with some scissors after he cut her hair and forced a feel/kiss on her, saying she was a lesbian.

The girl’s arrested and there’s some custody ugliness, because her bio-mom is in the hospital and her other mom has no legal standing. She ends up with her maternal grandmother.

It gets uglier when grandma wants total custody, claiming that the kid has been sexually abused by her (other) mother. While they investigate her as a molester, bio-mom dies.

B.D. Wong steps in and quickly determines that the girl has been coached/manipulated, so Grandma’s in the dock for felony crimes-- wrongful imprisonment, interference, something like that. Basically, being a nasty bitch.

During the trial, it comes out that she was acting based on biased misinformation given to her by her lawyer, who has an anti-gay axe to grind. She’s actually been acting in good faith, but is a gullible twat who has been manipulated into merely acting like a nasty bitch.

She feels horrible and gets pled out so she can testify against Mr. Phelps. She sincerely hopes that she can build bridges, atone for her misguided sins, and be part of her granddaughter and daughter-in-not-quite-law’s lives. Unfortunately, the damage is done, Other-mom has seen it up close, and no forgiveness is forthcoming.

Other-mom leaves the office in disgust, leading Little Miss Looks-Like-Dakota by the hand.

To underline how accurate Other-mom’s assessment of what lies ahead is, Little Miss Looks-Like-Dakota shoots Olivia a look over her shoulder as she’s led out the door. The look says, “Please, help! My mom’s in hell and I’m trapped with this evil person who’s going to touch me and make me go to hell, too!”[/spoiler]

Is it important to spoiler-box this stuff or not?

[spoiler]I didn’t get the whole naked picture thing.

Zoe said, “Would you be thinking what you’re thinking if I wasn’t gay?” I was thinking, “Well… Yes!

I don’t know what the writers were assuming here–that hetero parents can take pictures of themselves naked in bed with their kids, ‘touching their thighs,’ and get away with it?

That was weird. It seemed clearly inappropriate to me, whether G-ma was being misled or not about various statistics and whatnot.[/spoiler]


No kidding. At the very end I was expecting the little girl to mouth to Olivia, “Help! I really am being abused!” as she and her mom were walking out. It just needed another odd twist.

And I thought it seemed like the wig she was wearing was really obvious. It was a wig, right? They had to show that she had choppy short hair after the bully cut her ponytail off, but it looked like it was too big for her head.

That was an insanely convoluted plot. I thought the original Law and Order formula of half-hour of investigation followed by half-hour of trial was getting old, but this was ridiculous.

I didn’t find it all that convoluted. At least one event led to another fairly solidly, unlike last week’s sudden plot-switch in mid-episode.

As for the photo thing, I certainly don’t like the idea of people posing for pictures with naked kids, but… A friend of mine used to work at a photo-developing place and TONS of people take pictures of their kids naked. In the bath, in the pool… they seem to think there’s nothing wrong with it. And unlike pictures of naked adults, there’s no rule preventing my foto-stop friend from developing them.


I didn’t take the little girl’s look at Olivia to be one of “help me, I really am being molested.”

I just think it was a look of sadness over being caught in the middle of all that bullshit.

I’m not using spoiler boxes, because the shows already aired and I’m not ruining anything except a few things that happened in this episode…

It was not only convoluted, but contrived. There were several completely reasonable things that “Mommie Zoey” could have done which would have made the plot’s twists and turns impossible.

Why would she not have gotten custody long before? She knew her partner was dying? There is no explination for this except that it would have ruined half the plot lines of battling over custody.

Why would she take naked pictures of her with her daughter? They gave a half hearted explination of this, but it was way out of left field. It seemed inserted strictly to make the grandmother’s case believable.

Why keep her kid in the school in the first place? She was obviously miserable and having problems there.

Overall, it’s still an entertaining show. But, it is getting ridiculous how complicated the plotlines are getting.

Mommy-Zoe insisted that it was because it was the best school acedemically, and also she had an axe to grind with the anti-homosexual society that sent their kids there.