LA fires

Well, it looks like the wildfires in Simi Valley are starting to be contained.

Where I work is close enough to the Verdugo hills that we’ve taken to going up to the roof of the parking garage on our breaks to watch them burn. Yesterday, during the day the hillside looked like Mt. St. Helens, with all the smoke and the helicopters putting to and fro. We could see the flames even in daylight, which was scary enough, but after dark, it looked like Mordor. Furthermore, I’d swear that there was less oxygen in the air than normal, and Mr. Rilch said ash fell on him while he was on his run.

Word on the street is that it was arson. It could very well be, given the way it started, and spread, and kept spreading after it should already have been contained. No official word yet on how it did start, unless I missed a relevant news report.

Any other Dopers within range of this? And Dopers down south, I’d gladly take some of that water off your hands and help us both out!