La la la...down the curve of your la la (song ID help)

I’m trying to find a song, and I can’t remember any of the lyrics, except for a line snippet that goes:

“down the curve of your back”

It’s sort of a pop/rock song I guess, sung rather melodically. The singer’s voice goes up in pitch when he says back.

Typing that into Google produces no results except a “guess the song from the lyrics”-type page, which has what might be the full line, though I don’t recall the zebra bit:

“the zebra-skin fabric flows smooth down the curve of your back”

Anyone know what song this is? I’m terrible at describing it, I know.

There’s a song called “Places to kiss you” by Boris, is that it?

No, that’s not it.

I just remembered another part of the lyrics: “Where America lies”, or something similar.

Oh, frack me.

I just figured it out: “Wound Up”, by Office. I went to iTunes to buy it, and was pleased to see that they had it. When I clicked Buy, a message popped up: “You have already purchased this song - are you sure you want to purchase it again?”

Sure enough, I checked, and there it was, sitting in my library. Worse yet, I looked at the Last Played date: 10:15 AM yesterday.