LA/San Diego drivers--Nuclear plant?

I’m sure everyone who makes the San Diego to LA drive has seen those two giant unusually-shaped buildings (OK, I’ll say it–they look like breasts) on the ocean side of the 5, mid-way between SD and LA. What are those buildings? Are they nuclear power plants?

I wonder about them every time I drive by, so it would ease my mind to know what they are.


San Onofre (o-no-free) Nuclear Power Plant.

Every time I drive by (not so much nowadays :smiley: ) I think, ‘If they were put on the market it would be A Sale Of Two Titties’.

On a tour bus to Tijuana from San Diego, we drove by these, as I recall. The guide called it the “Dolly Parton Sculpture.”

Oops, I meant from LA “through San Diego on our WAY to TJ”


“A sale of two titties,” that’s pretty good, I like it. Thanks for the quick answer.

More precisely, it’s San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)

Also the home of some very good board surfing, if you don’t mind the slight glow! :wink:

Or the 2-headed sharks! Seriously, though, great whites are known to cruise that area from time to time.

Eh. They are lots of places down here. They don’t bother people much. We had one (or two, not sure) that lived just off Newport Beach for a year or more, no problems at all.

The warm water vent from the plant has played havoc with sealife, though.

They were featured in Naked Gun (I believe it was) - Frank Drebbin is reminiscing about his ex-girlfriend - there’s a shot out of the window of a car or something of the aforementioned nuclear power station, and Frank’s voice-over narrates: “Everything I saw reminded me of her.”

[Milo Aukerman]
Driving Down to San Diego/
Passing by the nuclear tits/
Go Away Off My Earth!
[/Milo Aukerman]

I’m assuming you are referring to the two white structures that are on the oceanside of the road off of Camp Pendleton. My brother in law was stationed at pendleton for many years and once remarked that the structures were jokingly referred to as Madonna (might have been dolly parton, but it was many years ago). He then said that they kept nuclear weapons there as well, though, now it sounds a bit ridiculous.

No weapons, just power generation and toxic waste! :wink:

The actual naval weapons station is at the other end of the Orange County coast, in Seal Beach.

Actually, it’s “ohn-OH-fray” …

I remember when my brother was an ironworker there, and gave me his T-shirt from the “San Onofre Beach and Racquet Club” – showed a bunch of men in hard hats drinking beer and playing volleyball, with the Tits in the background.


From the highway (which is how most people see the plant), the view is more like this, hence the jokes:

technical information

DarrenS, I say that exact line (out loud if I’m alone, in my head if someone’s in the car with me) every time I make the drive between SD and LA. :smiley: