Going to San Diego in July-anyone want to meet up?

The in-laws gave us a week at the Worldmark in downtown San Diego(July 21 through 28), and we were wondering if anyone would like to get together for a bite and/or a drink? Neither of us know the town, and we could also use some advice on what to see and what to avoid. The hotel is only a quarter mile away from Balboa Park, so that is definitely on the list.
edited to add: could a mod change “what” to “want” in the title, please?

The zoo and wild animal park are rightfully renown. Get out to the bay, see the USS Midway, the Star of India and other ships on display. Balboa Park has a buttload of museums, all of them good. Seaworld is there, if that’s your thing. I’ve heard Legoland, north in Carlsbad is also nice.

Drive as far up the coast as you can on Highway 1 and enjoy all the funky little stores and independent wineries. Vista, a town in north San Diego county, is starting to get a reputation as the place to go for independent breweries and pubs. You will just have missed Comic-Con, which is probably a good thing.

Definitely leave time for the beach. The water’s cold, but the scenery is great and the weather is beautiful in July.

I’d love to meet up. We have a few other Dopers in the area, but not enough to pull off regular Doper get-togethers. I can’t make any promises though, as I have no idea what my life will be like half a year from now.

I also live in the San Diego area. Phouka’s list is pretty good. The Children’s pool is a pretty nice sight, if they haven’t kicked out the seals by then. San Diego is also packed with breweries, if that is your thing. Karl Strauss, Hess, Stone, Rockbottom to name a few. I would be down to meet up.

Also, don’t you mean “The San Diego zoo presents: The San Diego Zoo’s Safaratorium?”

I’d add Old Town, Coronado, Point Loma to Phouka’s list. Also Torrey Pines State Park if you’re up for a hike. I also second Taber’s suggestion of a brewery tour. There are companies that drive you along the 78 corridor and (probably) hit Stone, Green Flash, Pizza Port, and Lost Abbey.

I’d be up for a fest. There are a bunch of San Diego dopers I haven’t met.

I’m in San Diego too. Two of my favorite restaurants: Wine Vault & Bistro, Whisknladle

I’d love to do a brewery tour-we just happen to have one or two(hundred, that is) breweries in the Portland area, but I’m always ready to try a new brew.

I love San Diego! I would love to meet up with you if you can come up with a round trip airline ticket for me and a place for me to stay!

Mow many days should I figure on? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, absolutely Coronado. The hotel there is gorgeous. It was the one Some Like It Hot was filmed at. Is Point Loma the one with the cave?

If you want mountains, you can get up to Julian, which is small, quaint, and very nice in July. I wouldn’t recommend the low desert during July, but it has unparalleled stargazing. Or, you could get out to Palomar Observatory for that.

Remember, San Diego county is one of the largest counties in the country. It’s close to a three mile drive across, and probably an hour and a half from north-to-south, so it’s more how far you want to go than anything else.

Found out the hotel doesn’t have any parking, and the lot across the street charges $16 a day. How’s the public transportation in San Diego these days? :smiley:

If you go to Stone, the beers of Portland will never taste the same to you. Be warned.

The Padres are at home against the Rockies that Saturday and Sunday. Catch the Sunday (7/22) game and walk the Gaslamp Quarter.

I just had a bottle of Double Bastard for dessert the other night-not bad. Maybe I’ll bring you a bottle of Hair Of The Dog-Fred, just to show you what beer should taste like.

You’re on!

We’ve got the making of a Dopefest here, people.

I could brew a small sample of Portland brews, you San Diegonese could bring something from your breweries, but what will L.A. Dopers bring-Miller Lite?

If there are any fish geeks in your group, Birch Aquarium is really wonderful. It’s not a dolphin show kind of place, it’s true geekism scientific stuff. And one of the few places you can see a Leafy Sea Dragon.(scroll to bottom.)

I loved it!

@phouka: no, Point Loma doesn’t have a cave as far as I know. Up high, it has a lighthouse, and panoramic views of the bay, and down low, there are tide pools. Also, San Diego County is way more than three miles across. What did you mean there?

@Czarcasm: public transportation via the trolley is pretty good around downtown and parts of Mission Valley. Everywhere else, it’s terrible.

Since his north-south measurement was in hours, I think his east-west one is too.

Save a lunch for Hodads, just so you can say you went.

As a former native and occasional tour-guide :rolleyes: I’d bet Czarcasm meant three hours --thought that might be a low estimate. El Centro to the coast is a mighty drive, as is Oceanside to the Mexican border. Point Loma has the lighthouse and Rosecrans military cemetary; plus the naval research center and the submarine base. It’s THE farthest southwest point in the continental USA and therefore had an antiaircraft gun there. The caves are in La Jolla near the cove. (There are some little divots in the walls of Sunset Cliffs, but you’d be discoraged from paddling too close).

As for tourist destinations, tell me what you’re into and I’ll tell you where it can be found, from the depths of the desert to Abnormal Heights. :smiley: I think the Wyndham WorldMark puts you in the northeast corner of the business district, steps away from Copley Symphony Hall.


Tell me Tell me
Where I’m goin’
I don’ know where I’ been
. --Tommy Shaw (Styx)
. Crystal Ball
. from Crystal Ball

Except for the part where it’s “her”, you are correct, sir.

I can’t really answer Czarcasm’s question regarding public transportation, since I’m up in north county. I know there are trolleys and trams and buses, but I don’t know how good they are.

I’m sorry. I have a cold.

Ah, that’s true. La Jolla Cove has some nice sea caves you can explore by kayak. That’s definitely a fun thing to do in July. Let’s add that to the itinerary!

Now, I have a few corrections to a few of the other points:

– El Centro is in Imperial County. In fact, I think it’s the county seat
– The northern border of San Diego county at the coast is somewhere between San Onofre State Beach and San Clemente, not Oceanside
– Pt. Loma is not the farthest southwest point. That’s in Imperial Beach, next to the Mexican border. Pt. Loma does overlook the bay though, so that’s what the guns would have been for … anti-ship guns.