So, whats going on in San Diego?

Thanks to the fine folks at Wizards of the Coast, I will be attending the 2004 San Diego Comic Con next week. While I have not gotten my travel itenerary just yet, I expect to be in San Diego next Tuesday (7/20). I am sure that the Comic Convention will take up a LARGE majority of my time - as I am an uber-geek - I am sure that there will be time outside to do something else.

So, just what is there to do in San Diego that is within walking distance of the Convention Center? Know any good resturants/bars in the area? What’s the weather like (Lewis Black: Nice… back to you Bob.)?

Anyone want to get together for a “Welcome to San Diego, Rob” Dopefest/Get Together?

My schedule is unclear right now, so can’t say (at least at the moment) if I’d be available for a possible Dopefest.

The weather trend right now is that overnight clouds and patchy fog develop and temperatures drop to the 60’s. During the days the clouds and fog break up fairly quickly and temperatures go up to 70’s near the coast and 80’s or higher inland. I’d imagine that will continue to be the pattern next week.

You’ll be in the heart of downtown.

That means you’ll be a stone’s throw from our new ballpark. Not that it does you much good, because I checked the Padres site, and they’re going to be up in LA and won’t have a home game until 7/26.

You’ll also be close to Seaport Village. That’s a nice place to walk around and people watch, and enjoy the view of the harbor and the nice weather. There are some places to eat there, and it’s nice to hang out.

For nightlife, you can walk east to the Gaslamp Quarter. There you’ll find some restaurants (many of which have good reputations, but I’m not personally familiar with). Check out the Gaslamp’s website here for a map and some details.

We also just received the USS Midway, which is moored down in the neck of the woods you’ll be hanging in. They just opened a museum on board (which I haven’t been to) but you can check it out here .

A little bit farther away (probably less than 5 miles or so) is Balboa Park. In there you’ll find tons of museums (Reuben H. Fleet science musem - with IMAX theater, Museum of Man, Museum of Art (which has an exhibit called St. Peter & the Vatican that I’ve been meaning to check out), and some other stuff. It’s also home to the San Diego Zoo. The zoo now has nighttime hours for the summer, so after a day of conning you might still be able to fit it in.

As for the weather, you’ll most likely be comfortable in shorts most of the time, but bring a sweatshirt at night. You’ll be coastal, so it can get a bit nippy. (well, at least according to my SoCal sensibilities.)

Let us know what time you have free. I’m always up for meeting other Dopers. My email is in my profile if you have any other questions or want more information on San Diego.

I have heard good things all my life about the San Diego Zoo, so I might have to make a trip to see that. About how far away from the convention center is that? I guess with the nighttime hours I won’t have to rush myself, as I know I am gonna have to work all five days of the convention. I am considering staying an extra day (7/25) so I can see the stuff I want too. Shame the Padres are out of town that week.

Whenever I travel I like to sample the local food. When I was in Kansas City, I had BBQ. Chicago - Dogs. New York - Pizza. What the heck is San Diego known for?

scout1222: Check your email. :slight_smile:

Scout1222 summed things up pretty well. The Gaslamp Quarter is by far your best bet for restaurants. Lots of variety, and lots to choose from.

The zoo is pretty close to the convention center/downtown. Maybe a 10 minute drive or so. You didn’t mention if you’ll have a car or not, but there’s lots of stuff (like beaches) if you have some transportation.

Have you been to the ComicCon before ? If not, I think you’ll be impressed by the size. It is huge, and just keeps getting bigger each year (seems they expand the convention center just to accomodate this con !). I’ve been going the past 10+ years, and it amazes me how it continues to grow. You mentioned working there - what booth ?

As to what food San Diego is known for, that’s pretty easy: Mexican. There’s some debate on any of the little <fill in blank>berto’s, but in general the smaller place, the better (and cheaper). If you want a nice sitdown (and have a car), head over to Old Town and look for Casa De Bandini. There’s always a wait, so plan for that. But it will be worth it.

I will not have a car while I am there, as I don’t drive (was in a bad accident a year ago, and have panic attacks if I have to get behind the wheel). So anyone who wants to cart my butt around is more than welcome too.

I have not been to the con before, but Mamapotumus (a HouDoper) went a few years ago and told me about extensivly and I have spent lots of time on the site. Betcha you can get lost in that place. :slight_smile:

I will be at the Wizards of the Coast booth, but I don’t have the number yet. As we get closer to the show, I will make sure and post the booth number. I will be wearing a green fishermans cap with lots of pins on it. Come on by and see me!

cormac262 is right about the food choice.

There is so much excellent Mexican food in San Diego it will make your head spin. To get a true San Diego experience, I would go check out Santana’s. Its all the craze in SD right now and there happens to be one right downtown off of Washington. Pick up one of their 1/2 lb. California Burritos and you’ll fall in love.

the zoo! the zoo! you must go to the zoo!

say hello to mei sheung for me. he is “gonna-be-a-year-soon” panda. perhaps i’ll spot your visit on the panda cam.

Yes, yes. That is one of the things I would like to do, but I don’t know if I am going to have the time. I am hoping that I get to stay an extra day (Monday 7/26). If I do, then I will be going to the zoo.

I might just go and visit the aquarium otherwise. I loves me some fish. :slight_smile:

Yay! I have gotten all my information except for my plane tickets. So to keep everyone updated, here it is. Our Booth number is 3613, and I will be staying at the Omni San Diego. Is this a nice hotel? Never been to an Omni before.

I will be in town on Tuesday, and will need something to do that night. Anyone want to get together and have dinner with an out-of-towner? :slight_smile:

Do you dig tall ships and other vessels? I enjoyed touring the ships and the Maritime museum down on the embarcadero, near the Cruise ship terminal.

An advance-welcome to San Diego, Robgruver!
I’m debating about whether to try to attend or not - I didn’t find out about it in enough time to get advance tix, but I might try to show up later one of the days if the lines aren’t too terrible. I’ll be sure to come say hi if I do…

If you like fishies, SeaWorld is a great bet and fairly close to downtown. I think they have fireworks every night in the summer, too.

I stayed in an Omni in LA when I went to the Book Expo last year and it was a really nice hotel. I love fancy hotels and as I remember, the room service, etc., was great. Plus, if this is business travel, you can write some of this off, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Drat, if I didn’t have a class Tuesday night, I’d certainly join you for dinner, but keep posting your itinerary so that we can provide essential running commentary and suggestions. You’re fairly close to the Hyatt, which has a restaurant Bluejellychick & I just love called Sally D’s. It’s a little pricey but very much worth it and features the other San Diego specialty cuisine: seafood.

You’re going to have so much fun!

BTW, it’s freakin’ HOT here right now. It had to be at least 90 today. Not a lot of humidity, true, but you definitely want to bring some very summery clothes.

Okies. I will be in San Diego tommorow at 11:35am. Yay! I am leaving out at 9:30 on Monday morning.

I am still open to suggestions if anyone is interested in dinner tommorow. :slight_smile:

jellyblue: You should come to the show! I will be at

Booth 3613!!!

:smiley: Hope to see everyone there!


I’ve just been looking at who’s going to be appearing. OH. MY. GOD. Jude-freaking-Law!!! Mat Groening! Cory Haim and Corey Feldman (okay, so that one’s kinda funny, if anything).

I’ve got to go on Saturday.

(can you tell I’m excited?)

I know! And they are going to be showing new clips from Skycaptian and the World of Tommorow!

Hey Joe, whaddya know!

Thank goddess they reopened online registration - I just registered (yay!!). And informed Bluejellychick what her weekend plans are going to be :wink: . I’m very excited about Joss Whedon - I’m a huge Buffy fan!

So I’ll definitely come by to meet you,** robgruver**. I’ll have on the scaly blue skin and bobbing antennae…JUST KIDDING!!! You can tell me what you’ve done in San Diego so far and how you’re liking it. Have a safe flight!

I registered online, too. I’m going to go down there on Saturday during the day, so I’ll be sure to stop on by Booth 3613 to say hello.

Sadly I’m not available tomorrow night for dinner, though.

So, robgruver, do you have your computer with you? Are you having fun?

See you on Saturday, hopefully…

If I had my way, San Diego would be known for the mouth-watering mussel bisque at Dobson’s Bar and Restaurant. Dobson’s is about a mile from the Omni (it’s on the other side of Horton Plaza from where you are), and totally worth the walk. Mmm…I’m drooling just thinking about that bisque right now. You’d probably have to get reservations if you went during dinner hours – the place is tiny. I had heard about it over and over from some local DJs when I lived in San Diego (live in LA now), and was not disappointed when I finally tried it. You won’t regret it. If you do, mail me your receipt.*

Let me also second the Balboa Park/ Zoo recomendation, though really you’d need a couple of days for both. I love me the zoo, and I love just strolling around Balboa Park (especially the Air and Space museum), but they’re both pretty big.

By the way, how do you like the Omni? I checked out pictures online and it looks pretty darn cool. I’ve got a thing for nice hotels. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy your stay!
Oh, man. I’m yelling across the house to Ruffian right now asking when we can go back down to San Diego. I NEED my mussel bisque.

*I’m not necessarily saying I’ll do anything with your receipt, but mail it to me anyway.

I do have access to a computer, and I am having a blast. San Diego is a great town and I have had a GREAT (!!!) time here.

DeathLlama: I will make reservations tommorow for the resturant. Sounds excellent!

jellybluee: Can’t wait to see you! We will have Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) in the WotC booth on Saturday! I will be running Magic: the Gathering and Risk: Godstorm, and will be wearing a green Houston Astros fishing cap with lots of buttons and pins on it. Come on by!

The con is great, and is everything I could have hoped for! Great times. Hope to see some dopers there!