San Diego Comic Con 2006

Anyone going?

There isn’t a thread on the con already (that I have seen) so I figure this can be the general all purpose comic con thread. Feel free to post updates and highlights from your con trip, and just generally geek out all over the place.

I am heading down there for work, the animation gallery I work at will have a large booth there this year. I don’t get to see the show much when I am working, so I haven’t bothered to keep up with what events will be at the con this year and really have no idea what the cool new stuff is at the con this year. I suppose I am just not the fanboy I used to be.

So who else is going? What are you looking forward to doing? etc etc.

I am going. I will be wearing a t shirt and shorts look for me.

I go to see the web comics I follow and to watch anime in the evenings.

You lucky, lucky people! I went in 2000 and had a great time, but I’m more into comics and action figures than I was back then, so I’d probably appreciate it a lot more now. Eat some wonderful Mexican food, enjoy San Diego (it’s a beautiful city), and have a great time.

Oh, and if anyone scouring the thousands of back issue bins can find me a copy of The Question Quarterly #4 for under $3, I would be in your debt!

I am sorely tempted to go Thursday through Saturday, but that either means shelling out for a motel somewhere down there or driving way too much. That and burning a couple vacation days.

Hm, we shall see…

I’ll be there.

My visits in previous years to the Con have been the Saturday only the last two years. This was due to being unable to take time off as I had on-call duty for my job all of July those years. I realized I wasn’t getting nearly enough out of the experience, so I arranged to adjust the on-call rotation this year, and I’ll be on vacation all next week.

The wife and I will be there, as usual. We’ll arrive on Friday and stay through Sunday. Too bad the Padres aren’t in town like last year. I’m easy to recognise…just look for the overweight guy in a bad Hawa’iian shirt. :smiley:

I won’t even be going to LibertyCon in Chattanooga, a few hundred miles away.

Low Pay + High Gas Prices = No Fun For Bosda


I’ll be there, as I have the last 15 or so years. Considering going both Saturday and Sunday (so far have only done one day).

Say, could somebody get me a convention sketch from Stephen Silver ?

He did the design work on Kim Possible.

Maybe a Kim Possible sketch?

I’d cover postage, & refund any charge up to $20.

I’ll probably pop by with the wifey to check it out on Saturday. Neither of us is really into comics that much, but it’ll be something fun to do!

Have you gone before? It is not something that you can really pop by and see. The first one I went to had a 2 hour line to get in on Saturday if you were picking up your passes that day.

The comic shop my husband works for has a big booth there every year. But alas, somebody has to stay here in town and keep the actual stores running, so here we are. One of these years we hope to be part of the team that makes the trip, mans the booth, all that stuff. I could be the ever-popular “woman in tight-fitting shirt”!

No guarantees, but I’ll try.

Will report what happened if and when I obtain a sketch from him.

As I learned the past two years, Saturday is by far the most crowded of the four days. If you can make it any of the other days, you’ll most likely have a more pleasant experience.

And the nearest parking on Saturday will likely be at the airport! “Popping by” is really kinda contra-indicated. If you just want to cruise the dealer floor, go Thursday. If you want to see the stars, go Saturday and be prepared to stand in looooong lines.

I might be. A lot of upheaval will be going on in my life on those three days, so we’ll see.

I hadn’t considered that… maybe we’ll just go see a movie instead, then. As I said, neither of us is really into comics that much; I just thought it would be interesting to drop by, but I’m not all that sure I’m willing to make that serious an investment in time.

Yeah, I waited a really long time to get in the one time I went, too. It’s absolutely worth devoting a day (the whole weekend, really) to; you get to meet all the people who draw your favorite webcomics, meet all kinds of indie comic artists and find some really cool comics that nobody else reads. You can see some great anime in a theatre-like setting if you’re into that (I’m not, but I still saw some I really enjoyed), and see actors (Bruce Campbell is coming down this year, I believe) and directors and famous comic and videogame people in panel discussions and ask them questions. (I saw Stan Lee when I went.) You also get to play the cool new videogames that aren’t out yet. I would definitely recommend going. I wasn’t (aren’t) that big into comics either, but I had an absolute blast.

Bless you!



Soon as I get to the Convention Center Thursday, I’ll try to find his booth and see what develops.