I'm going to San Diego!

I’m going to San Diego at the end of this month for “business.” It’s a “customer conference” being put on by a vendor of ours. Anyway, I’m going to have a bit of down time while I’m there, and didn’t know if there are any dopers out there who’d like to get together. I know you all just had a wonderful little dopefest last weekend, but hey, you can never get too much dope-ness! Or, if anyone just has some ideas of things to do, I’m going to have almost the whole weekend of April 27th and all afternoon on Wednesday the 1st, as well as evenings the rest of the week.

Thought I’d check one more time as this just sank like a stone the first time around. Going to San Diego in two weeks. Anyone for a small get together, or are all those stories of San Diegan hospitality greatly exagerated???

Hi Eonwe,

Let me be the first to welcome you to paradise (otherwise known as San Diego). I think we should definately get together for a mini-SanDiegDopeFest and maybe chow down on some Mexican food. Esprix and Scout1222 you up for this? We have lots of local dopers, just have to round them up, bail them out, wake them up, etc.

What part of San Diego will you be in? I’m guessing somewhere central, probably. (and I assume you’ll probably have a car, right?)

I think Mexican food is a great idea! I’m not sure what quality you can get in Vermont, but here we can oblige. Old Town, perhaps.

As for other things to do, I’d recommend checking out Balboa Park (several museums, nice outdoor walking & picnicking) or Seaport Village (right on the harbor, kind of a touristy little place with shops & restaurants, but real pretty).

For various restaurants, and other stuff, check out www.signonsandiego.com and you can see if there are any special events that are going on that weekend.

I just checked out my own link.

In Balboa Park that weekend will be San Diego a la Carte, which has some local restaurants featured. That might mean lots of people.

I also noticed that Cirque du Soleil will be at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, so if that tickles you, you can check that out.

That weekend is also the Adams Avenue Street Fair, which has, from its description, folk and roots music featured.

It’s also the weekend for Art Walk in Little Italy. Lots of performing and visual arts to see there. Plus, it’s Little Italy, so you can nosh on some Italian food, too.

So check it out, you might find something neat. Plus it’s got restaurant and club listings.

I’ll be staying at the Mariott Hotel & Marina. I’m not sure where that is in relation to various things, but their brochure does mention that it’s right by Seaport Village.

Scout1222, it’s funny you should mention Mexican food; just yesterday a friend of mine was railing against the lack of quality Mexican food up here. I guess I should partake while I’ve got the opportunity.

Yep, you’re literally NEXT DOOR to Seaport Village, perhaps even right in it. So you could walk out of the lobby and be there.

Since you’re also right next to the Sheraton (I think that’s it) which is a taller building, I’d recommend you take the elevator to the top floor (there’s a bar up there, I think) and take a look around. With any luck it will be clear, and you’ll get a great view of the city. Depending on how tall the Marriott goes, you might still get a good view from the top floor there, but I don’t think it’s as high.

Since you’re down there, you’ll also be a few minutes’ walk away from the Gaslamp area. Lots of restaurants and clubs down there, as its been recently rebuilt & revitalized. Definitely worth checking out for some of your weeknight dinners. I tend not to go down there much, so I don’t have any personalized recommendations unfortunately.

You’re also not far from Horton Plaza, which is a mall downtown. Nothing there that you probably couldn’t find anywhere else, but if you wanted to check it out, you can. There are movie theaters there, if nothing else (although there is also a multiplex in the Gaslamp).

I’d be up for something, if I don’t already have something planned. Dinner sounds fine, and I haven’t been to Seaport Village yet (although I passed by it last night).


Okay, so I ran a search on Mexican restaurants in the Downtown/Gaslamp area. I came up with 5 hits:

La Salsa - no. We’re not taking an out of towner to a fast-food chain. (even though it is tasty)
Pokez - only open until 6 on Saturdays
Candelas - $30-$40 for dinner (no thanks)
Alambres - lunch only
Las Fajitas - no info available other than the address

Then I stumbled across Chuey’s Cafe Numero Uno. It’s near Chicano Park, close to a trolley station, and it’s roughly under the Coronado bridge. The address is 1894 Main Street. It sounds like an eclectic and fun place, it’s pretty cheap, and it seems to have a solid history.

If it doesn’t have to be Mexican, I think our options in or nearby Seaport Village open up a bit.

I can drive if you want to hit a Mexican restaurant farther afield (i.e. Old Town). I’ve never been to Chuey’s. If you want sea food then Seaport Village is ok.

The Marriott is very nice. I’ve eaten at their Yacht Club restaurant. They had some tasty things but the service was very poor. It was as if it was everyone’s first day on the job. :frowning:

Psst! Eonwe, I just checked your profile, and one of your interests is running.

Depending on how much you really like it and how far you go, I can hook you up with a few groups to run with on Saturday and or Sunday morning if you’d like.

You can check out the San Diego Track Club (www.sdtc.com) which has a group that meets on Saturdays (and Tuesdays at the track for speed workouts). Just in case…of course, you could just run along the harbor from your hotel, which would be a great run (taking you by the Star of India, etc.).

I also would just like to add that for Mexican food, Old Town probably would be a better bed. Old Town Mexican Cafe or Casa de Bandini, for example. The upside for out of town guests is that you could take the trolley to the Old Town trolley stop and not have to fight your way into Old Town to find a nonexistent parking place!

I would just like to say that Pokez, while not a high class place, is terrific, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian. I won’t be able to make it to any gatherings, but I just wanted to support my favorite restaurant in SD.

Wow, I’m psyched! This is working up into something interesting. As for running… let’s just say, I’m busy working myself back up to my high school level of ability, which wasn’t all that impressive. I think I’ll just do my own thing, but thanks for the link!

So are we talking Saturday the 27th?

Dunno, Eonwe - you tell us.


The power is mine! Muah-ha-ha-ha!

I then decree that at the least we will dine on Mexican food on the evening of April 27th!
I could get used to this in charge thing. I get to use exclimation points a lot. I like that.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way.

How about Old Town: either Casa de Bandini or Old Town Mexican Cafe.

Any San Diegans have a preference/think one is more representative than the other?

Eonwe: will you have a car? If not, would you be opposed to hopping on the trolley to Old Town? I live not far from Old Town, which isn’t far from downtown, so if you would like a ride, I can swing by - however, the trolley would probably be most convenient if you’re comfortable with it.

I do have something going on that night, but would probably be able to join you after 8:00.


Just wanted to note that you West Coasters had better treat him nice. We want him back in New England safe and sound.

I absolutley LOVE the Casa de Bandini. But either is ok with me. Both will be crowded on a Saturday night. But that just gives us more time to drink giant margaritas!

andygirl, if we treat him too nice he may never go home!

Trolley is no problem. Now we’ve got to figure out time. I’m getting in around noon, so as early or as late as people want is fine with me. In deference to Esprix should we target 8:00?