Labor Rates...for a friend?

What would be the going rate for manual labor per hour, and what would say is a fair price for a friend? If it matters, the labor itself is not extreme (like laying bricks) if that should factor into your thinking. And, if the going rate is regional, this would be in the Mid-Atlantic area (but not upper crust, like parts of DC and Northern VA).

There’s no right answer, and working for friends/relatives can often lead to frustration and resentment. If the job isn’t too big, I try to do it for free.

Otherwise I try to set the price low enough that they understand they’re getting a deal, but high enough that I don’t fucking flip out if it ends up dragging on and on and on.

But again, there’s no right answer.

$10-15 an hour would sound right to me, unless they were working for less during their “regular 40.” Then I’d still pay them a premium over their “regular rate.” If it was close enough to the $10-15 range, I’d probably just go with that.

And I’d include the beer/food/other “refreshments.” :smiley:

Need more information on the nature of the work, and how long you expect it to take. Is this an actual job, or just work you’re doing to help out a friend?