Does anybody know the exact tribe/time/location where the “game” of lacrosse was invented, (not as we know it today)


Lacrosse was invented at precisely 2:43 pm on September 12th 1423, by a clever Mohawk who went by the name of…

Actually, no, not really.

You might want to check out this site.

Variants of the game were played throughout North America. Jesuit missionary Jean de Brébeuf was the first to write about it, in 1683, after seeing Algonquins play it.

It’s probably going to be very hard to pinpoint exactly where this practice started.

Was Lacrosse ever played in La Crosse (WI)?


Not sure,but Jim Brown remains the greatest lacrosse player ever. he played at Syracuse U (Mohawk country) in the mid 50s. It is an East Coast sport- most high schools in North East play it.