Laddies: Would you father an Amazon's child? Lassies: would it bother you if your SO had done so?

I think y’all can guess what this is. Here’s the sitch:

Borrowing the Burrough-Libby continua skipper of a Doper who shall remain nameless, you find yourself on Earth Analogue 3958321-ww, which I will henceforth call Partenosfor reasons that I should think are obvious. Parthenos is peopled by a species somewhat more technologically advanced than we are – they have cures for illnesses we can’t do anything but grieve about, as well as rejuvenation technology that can turn restore a person’s youth a limited number of times.

In addition to being uniformly hot by the standards of 2010 America (though perhaps not by their own), the humans of Parthenos are genetically compatible with persons from our world, but pscyhologically and sociologically different in several ways. Specifically, men and women do not live in the same communities. Parthenos is overwhelmingly urban in demographics; a given city consists of either all men & boys (say, P-Nashville) or women, girls, and male infants not just weaned (P-Atlanta). Most Parthenosians are about either a 4 or a 5 on the Kinsey scale; heterosexual marriage is unknown there, though there are occasional (and generally non-exclusive) long-distance het relationships.

There’s freedom of movement between the various cities of Parthenos. If a woman meets a man she finds impressive in whatever way – physically, intellectually, emotionally, whatever – she may propose to mate with him. If she does, they’ll stay together till she conceives, and, if they both wish, until she gives birth. In either case, the woman raises any female child without any help from the father. Sometimes this means being a single mother; sometimes it means raising the child with a lover; sometimes it means raising a child with the help of her biological family (sisters, mothers, cousins, etc); and sometimes it means with the help of her wife, if she’s in a monogamous relationship. If the child born is male, the father may opt to raise him, in which case he must stay with the mother till their son is weaned, then leave. If the father prefers to be a sperm donor, the child will be sent to a neighboring city of men to be adopted under parallel rules as for daughters.

And now the thread question. Guys: if an attractive Parthenosian woman offered to bear you a child under these rules, would you take her up on it? And ladies: if you learned your SO had so fathered a child BEFORE Y’ALL MET under these circumstances, would you be vexed, upset, disappointed, or otherwise negative?

Yes, if I were free at the time, very likely. That is what I expected my child-rearing experience to be anyway.

If citizenship from here to there were included, I would likely bounce from one such relationship to another.

Since this had to be “learned”, I assume the child was either female or adopted away. In that case, it would be the same as discovering he had been a sperm-donor in our world, or had given up a child for adoption in our world.

It would be strange, and I’d be pissed that he hadn’t told me sooner (assuming this happened now in my current relationship). If this disclosure came in the first six months or so of dating, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Still weird though, but not a deal-breaker by any means.

No. That just ain’t the way we do “Proud Mary”. Besides which, if Oakmom learned I finally, after all her years of hoping, produced offspring, but did so on another planet where she was not allowed to spoil said child rotten, we’d be looking at a force more fearsome than the Dark Phoenix. Continua would be shattered. Worlds torn asunder. Amazons cringing before the wrath of Oakmom. Child being liberated back to our earth. Etc. Wouldn’t be pretty.

So the Parthenos women are lesbians, mostly, but the earth women are still hetero? And the earth guys, too? Well, I think my feelings would be the same as Septima’s.

I’m thinking the prevalance of homosexuality among humans is pretty much flipped from our world. Preferential gays & lesbians are the majority, but there’s a fair number of bis and straights. And while there may be some social and practical pressure to be gay or lesbian, they don’t think there’s any discrimination (though there obviously is).

Does that matter?

Straight female. Not seeing the issue here. Why would I care any more than if he’d had sex with some other hot woman and it didn’t result in progeny?

That is all assuming that he is ok about it, and not incessantly mooning out the “child he’ll never know.” If he is, well, then he’s not the guy for me, but that’s nothing to do with his having fathered a child on an Amazon, but rather his attitude toward children/fatherhood. I’m childless by choice, and have no romantic interest in a man who feels otherwise.

Oh, and if there’s a planet of he-Amazons out there with a comparable set-up, they’re welcome to my eggs if they want 'em. They might as well take them; it’s not as if I’m using them.

Pass. I’ve never felt the need to procreate, so that isn’t an issue. Now if the situation was that before I ever met my wife, I got transported to this planet and had wild, monkey sex with an Amazon and her partner for a few weeks, and they never conceived so I went home…that’s a different story! :smiley:

I guess not. The overall situation isn’t all that different, except that it’s just not really that likely that the Amazon woman will be wanting to raise the child with the guy or wanting a relationship, which could happen on Earth.

So what? The Amazon isn’t offering to marry you or be a co-parent with you. I think it’s implicit in the OP (though I didn’t realize that until after I wrote it) that she may not do so. She’s offering you hot monkey sex sans a condom till the pregnancy test comes back positive; after that she’s done with you.

Of course, I wouldn’t do it either. I would want to know my child.

It didn’t occur to me until after I wrote the hypo, but one problem that occurs to me is that the child of this union is probably more likely to be heterosexual than the average on Parthenos. Some might argue that the setup on Parthenos, where heterosexual marriage is off the table, is not fair to such a person.

I’ll pass on this one. Yes, siring children is desirable, but raising them probably even more so. I’m not one to just scatter my seed and move on; it would be wrong, by my lights, to not take responsibility for my own.

I choose the “Death By Snoo-Snoo!” option.

Having babies you have no intention of caring for is a deal breaker in my book. And the segregation of the sexes in this setup strikes me as oogy.

Does that mean you think sperm donation and surrogate motherhood immoral?

:: shrugs ::

Clearly the Parthenosians ain’t like Terrans on a psychological level.

Any Amazons who want my babies can have them.