Ladies and Gentlemen...the Finest Musician Ever to Grace this Planet...

I give you Shooby Taylor, ladies and gentlemen.

Please do yourselves a favor, go to the MP3 page, and feast your senses on the most beautiful tunes to ever grace the ears of humanity.

Music of the Spheres? Bah! It’s all about the Shoob, baby.

golf clap

Good LORD Jesus I’m dying over here.

Who says Shooby doesn’t believe?

Bwahahahahahhaa! snort

Ah yes. I highly recommend “Stout-hearted Man” for those who can’t bring themselves to believe that an entire song can be built around bad organ music and the words “poopy” and “poppy.”

Let’s face it. You just can’t go wrong with the Shoob.











The title of this thread was very misleading. The OP had nothing to do with Englebert Humperdinck…

Why do people always type “d&r” down here whenev- OW!!!

That is SO priceless.

Unbelievable. Amazing.

I have a couple of friends who are Music Ministers. They’re going to love this.

I wonder if I can talk my choir into doing some of Shooby’s “arrangements?”

The fella has fun, though.

this better be good! i’ve been downloading for ever!


Odd, gato. It was an almost instantaneous download for me. Very, very fast. Oh well, I can see you’re impressed. :slight_smile: