Share A Music!

I think it’s time to music-share. There’s never too much of that, as no matter who links what when, someone new will see it and maybe like it; spread the wealth!

Go ahead and list a band and/or a couple of songs or example of a bit of music that you think a lot of people might not have heard. Or that one-off song by an artist people DO recognize, but maybe the song is a new thing to them.

Or just post whatever music you woke up with in your head this morning.
And for the record, I can easily see doing this once a week. Monday Morning Music Post? I dunno. I just really, really enjoy getting tidbits of what other people enjoy sharing. My tastes are mundane, so I won’t have anything unusual or new, but you never know.

I present the band Morphine. While they only had one ‘hit’

Early to Bed, I will also offer up a slower, melodic, very poignant <to me> bit of poetics entitled In Spite of Me.

Now, share!

Two of my favorite bands - both from Duluth, MN.

Low - In the Drugs

Trampled by Turtles - Wait So Long

Though they’re almost complete opposites, they’re both awesome to see live. Trampled by Turtles shows are a high energy party. Low can have a room of 1500 people standing in complete silence.

Wow…I really like both of these!

Here Come the Mummies, a funk band of guys in mummy suits singing songs with very risqué lyrics.

Now, before you scroll down to the next post, let me explain. The theory is that they are all studio musicians who are under contracts with different labels, and which prevent them from playing together under their real names. So the gimmick of playing in costume also lets them be incognito. The result is about a hundred times better than a band of that description has any right to be.

I saw them in person for the first time on Sunday and they kick ass. And I have a doper to thank for telling me about them.

Believe _in Things You Cannot See
Ra Ra Ra
Single Entendre

Terrifying funk from beyond the grave.

Jellyfish, early 90s power pop. My favorite band:

The King is Half Undressed
Joining a Fanclub

Imperial Drag, formed by Roger Manning and Eric Dover upon the breakup of Jellyfish. 70s glam done 90s style:


Playboy After Dark

Good stuff.

Here come the Mummies is really nice, never heard of them before, thanks.

i want to share Spangle Call Lilli Line - a japanese indie pop/rock band - a bit difficult to classify them, especially since their sound changed a lot since the beginning

Piano (live)
Irie (from their first album, audio only

in the words of someone a bit better than me in describing their music:
"Songs are not bound by verse-chorus convention, but drift lazily, guided by a light melody. The guitars and varied percussion together with numerous (and frequently spacey) electronic additions weave a sound that, while complex, flows very evenly. Kana Otsubo’s wispy vocals contribute an organic piece to the melody as well, while adding to the relaxed atmosphere. "

Johnny Flynn isn’t widely known, but he’s currently one of my favorites. Here is a decent representation of his music. Click a few; They don’t all sound the same.

Curlish May (live solo)
Barnacled Warship (studio with The Sussex Wit)
Einstein’s Idea (Live, recent Daytrotter session)
Howl (live with The Sussex Wit)
The Water (with Laura Marling)

Grimes - Oblivion
Quoting “Her newest album, Visions, incorporates influences as wide as Enya, TLC and Aphex Twin, drawing from genres like New Jack Swing, IDM, New Age, K-pop, Industrial and glitch.”

Shpongle - Nothing Lasts (well a 5 song segment from that album)
Psybient, trippy with lots of world muic influences/samples

Keep Shelly in Athens - In Love With Dusk
Quoting The Guardian: “…If St Etienne are about evoking memories of a London so idyllic it’s almost illusory, Keep Shelly do the same for every European beach resort, from Ayia Napa to Ibiza. This is the sound of lack and loss, of what My Bloody Valentine termed “emptiness inside”. It’ll transform your recent holiday romance into the most resonant bliss imaginable.”

I love this thread idea - One thing that gives me the New Doper Blues ™ is that there are not nearly enough music or foodie threads!

My contributions:

David Bazan

Alabama Shakes

Heartless Bastards


Love this! Thanks - I’m off to search for more :smiley:

My favorites from those listed:

Morphine - I’d forgotten about them or, rather, their one song. Wow.
Low & Trampled By Turtles - I love both bands and endorse this music share :slight_smile:
Here Come The Mummies - Yeah! Fun music. Well executed.
Imperial Drag - Especially Spyder.
Johnny Flynn - Collaborated with Laura Marling? Instant in.
Shpongle - Loved what I heard, need more listens.

I love Powerpop,

(as mentioned above by dinahmoe), Jellyfish were the masters! That Spilt Milk disc is the real deal.

On those lines…
Roger Joseph Manning has some interesting solo stuff, (you tube link)
Tim Aldridge did some good things w/ a band called Umajets.

Tsar was quite a smash, too, but didn’t last long.

Fuzzbubble put out some heavy power pop sounds.

Youtube link
Americana is my second-favorite Genre.

I’m recently enjoying Wylie Hunter and the Cazadores

but Lucero may be the best band you’ve never heard of.
(you tube link)

and i have to mention The August. Link has music samples.
Robbie Fulks is the king of Country (real country):
There are a few samples at his website, but his library is extensive.
Thank you guys for all of your recommendations and i hope you enjoy these!

(Uh, yes… i’ve got plenty more :D. I could go on and on…)

Whoops, and Keep Shelly in Athens

Aw man, you’re lucky. I’ve yet to manage to see Low live.
Another Low song, which by Low standards, might count as rock?
Low - Hatchet (Optimimi Version)

Liking Low introduced me to drone, where I discovered Aidan Baker (Calibrate). He has a discography of frightening size, but I’ve only liked about a third or half of what I’ve heard, so I’ve managed to keep some money. :wink:

I used to follow a site (now abandoned) that featured short films and music videos. I discovered many excellent bands and artists thanks to that site. moment of silence
Everything I link will have music, but a couple are short animations instead of music videos - I hope that’s ok OP!

First the music:
Dionysos - Tes Lacets sont des Fées (NSFW due to animated topless girl) (Translated lyrics!)

Lusine - Two Dots
A lovely song that doesn’t actually have much to do with with geometry or trig in spite of what the video would lead you to believe.

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp (Found a SFW version! Yay!)

Karen O. & Squeak E. Clean - Hello Tomorrow (Adidas version) (the music to what is still, IMO, the best ad/short video ever)

Liam Finn - Second Chance (folk)
He rocks that beard.

Short film with music:
Andy Martin - Dry Fish
It’s a surprisingly cheering little song/animation. I like how each event is tied to a sound.

A short made as a proposal for a TV series, Baidir. I really like the music, but nothing else Woodini has done (that I’ve heard) sounds anything like this.

The same site introduced me to La Blogotheque’s series “A Take Away Show”, in which they stick a band/musician on the streets of Paris and film them doing a song.
Yeasayer - Redcave
That looks so fun.

Tunng - Bodies (folk/folktronica). “Bodies” is mostly folk, while their song “Out The Window With The Window” has electronic elements.

Another band that makes music with clips of randomness is The Books.
I have quite a bit of the randomness from the song Tokyo memorized.
This is one of my favorite bands. Among my favorite songs are Vogt Dig For Kloppervok and S Is For Evrysing.

Ugh. Too many links? I’ve just one…no, two more then I’ll stop and post this monster.
I recently bought Botanicula, made by Amanita Design, the same company that did Machinarium and Samorost. Just like Machinarium introduced me to Tomáš Dvořák/Floex, so Botanicula introduced me to DVA (Juchu from the OST from the game).

shunpiker, post more! That way I’m not the only one inundating the thread. :slight_smile:

I’m so trite; my favorite Low song is Monkey.

A song that’s been rattling around in my head lately is an oldie. Al Wilson’s The Snake.

It’s not much but it’s the best I can do without getting super poppy. I loves me some Kimbra.

Usually no pedestrians pay any attention to what I play or how loud I play it. (“I suppose you kids wonder why your old man is deaf.” “Nobody wonders why you are deaf, Dad.”) However, the other day I was driving through a parking lot and everybody, young and old, gave me dirty looks. Was it obscene rap? Was it the sex sounds of “Je t’aime… moi non plus” (get your own link, perv)? No, it was a classic Little Richard song covered by the Mothers of Invention and featuring the screaming electric violin of Don “Sugar Cane” Harris. Listen and enjoy!

Hey now, Monkey is good times. Nothing trite about that! So’s Kimbra. I’m terrible about keeping up with music, so I depend on the recommendations of strangers. :smiley:
I’m liking most of the links so far - thanks fellow Dopers!

It’s been a while since I found a band that I really felt like telling everyone I know about. This band is one. They are ‘fun.’.

“We Are Young”
“Carry On (ACOUSTIC)”

Every song on their Some Nights CD is golden.

None of these are extremely obscure, but I think most people may not have heard them, and to me that’s a shame.

Taking a small break from my recent obsession with electronica, I commend to your attention:

Sarah Jarosz - Run Away (featuring Alison Krauss)
A cross of contemporary singer/songwriter with Americana roots. It’s really not “old timey” or bluegrass, although there are definite influences. It has a very poetic feel to me.

Granville Automatic - Never on a Sunday
I saw them on the Sun Studio Session program a few weeks ago and they blew me away. They were actually much better live. They do county-style storytelling. Although this is not country-radio friendly material, some readers may find it too twangy for their tastes.
School of Seven Bells - Lafaye
OK. No more country music, I promise. This is not an obscure band, they’ve been on all the late night talk shows. But I would never have given them a second listen based on what I saw there. When I heard their album, I was blown away. I see a lot of reviews that compare them to Cocteau Twins. I guess I can imagine
a Cocteau Twins that has evolved over the last twenty years.

Summer of Space - With You
So, I’m getting back to more electronic music. This is a downtempo chill ballad with sultry vocals. Summer of Space is Haley Gibby backed by the folks who work with Kaskade (instead of the other way around). This is obscure, it is in English but was released only in Japan (but is now available on Beatport and iTunes).

Oceanlab - Secret
Another chill number. This is not a new album, it was released in 2008. If you didn’t hear it then, you need to hear it now. The song builds to an incredible climax. I have to sit in silence for several minutes after the song is over to get back my composure. Oceanlab is Justine Suissa.

I would welcome any feedback on my selections.

Ace combat soundtrack - Zero Final mission. The word ‘epic’ is overused these days, but damn this is some good stuff. And then the choir kicks into overdrive.

Kenji Kawai’s soundtrack for Ghost in the Shell Cantonese singing with a killer beat. Not likely to be everyone’s bag.