Ladies beware the man who draws a romantic bubble bath for you.

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It says she caught the radio and threw it out. :eek:


Well of course we would never try that again! How barbaric! How uncouth!

Now come over here sweetheart to the bath. Oh look! Candles! Chocolates! Harry Connick, Jr. on the stereo right here.

Why don’t you climb in? You deserve it! I’ll just be getting you a plush towel… god forbid I trip and kick this stereo into the water! Don’t worry - just relax, I’ll be extra careful…

Now you did sign that will right? And the life insurance? Gooooood, gooood…


  • Peter Wiggen

^%$$# &^&** ^%%$#%@##@!!!
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
GREEDY A-------SELFISH---------
I hope he gets hung by the family jewels!
:mad: :mad: :mad:
This is why I get so sick of humans!

I’d probably have strangled him with the extension cord and claimed self defense!

Now I need a happy story. :frowning:

“William Joseph Wolfe, a 34-year-old emergency room nurse, was arrested Thursday on charges of attempted murder . . . he had visited Web sites on their home computer dealing with bathtub electrocution.”

—Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’d also left his diary open to the page reading, “To-do list: electrocute my wife by throwing a radio in the tub,” and his answering machine message said, “Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now, I’m electrocuting my wife by throwing a radio in the tub.”

So, if you’re giving you wife a romantic bubble bath, you can make sure she knows you’re not planning anything malicious by getting in with her.

$40,000 bail?

What an insult. He tries to kill his wife and all he has to do is cough up 4 grand?

Now I know why my boyfriend is so keen for me to get my jacuzzi fixed! :eek:

Anyone else find the disparity between Harmless’ username and post a little disconcerting?

Hopefully she didn’t post his bail.

This is why when I want to “set the mood” I fill a nice bubble bath, dim the lights, light some scented candles, then call in Vincenzo, the romantic violinist. Much safer.

When he does post bail, he’ll probably walk around in a shirt that reads, “I tried to electorcute my wife in the bath with a radio and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt”.

Electrocuting someone in a tub? Where do they get those ideas? Could it be…The MASTER?

Didn’t he have something in one of his books (Return?) about a small odious child, a tub, frayed wires, and “playing shake hands with Jesus”?

Of course, he was not serious, but amongst the Teeming Millions are lesser lights…

Hmm… from the covers, I think it is The Straight Dope. I don’t see the column in a search, which can be due to me, and my unenlightened workplace has no copies.

Uh…we’re not all like that!
Just sayin’ is all…

Well, I’ll bet she was shocked!

Man, this sounds like something right out of our old “Predict the Death of the Previous Poster” thread!!



I notice your location. Have you passed by this thread yet?

If you read his sig line, he does say he’s mostly harmless.

He’ll come home and apologize for trying to kill her by running her a romantic ba…Oh, well maybe a nice massage.

Husband: Just lie face down on the bed, hon, I’ll get the kni- I mean oils.

Her actually, but exactly!
I could be nice and harmless if people in this world would act right. :mad:

So harmless you’re not a dude?

Well…I guess that explains why you are mostly harmless. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean that in the best possible way honest, I only meant that compared to men, women aren’t as harmless as you you think.