Ladies, do you Like being insulted????

I don’t get it, ladies!

I listen to a lot of talk radio in the afternoon because TV sucks then or I’m on the road.

On one station – the only one that comes in well – the two hosts spend most of the time making derogatory or unflattering comments about women. Then guys call in to do the same, including suggesting abusive or nasty sex, bragging about unflattering or disgusting things they did to their partners during sex and rattling off assorted offensive names and comments concerning the female sexual organs.

Then I’ve watched Howard Stern – rarely – and he spends half of his time ridiculing, abusing, exploiting and humiliating female guests - who seem to always be delighted to strip in front of his leering, lascivious and really nasty looking male crew.

Yet, for both shows, women pile in to call or be exploited. Women pour into Howard Stern to be made to look bad, like whores or idiots. Women call the radio show and pour in to participate in or watch the occasional live events.

Guys seem to like to discuss ‘surprise, rough anal sex’ just to ‘see the expression on her face.’ They talk about the ‘stench trench’ and the smell it gives off. The hosts mention how a girl at a bar who accepts 1 drink from a guy is ‘conversation’ but if she accepts the next one, she’s ‘ass for the night.’

Now, explain to me why so many women want to participate in these shows? Few, if any, call to complain.

I’m mystified.

I think you probably already suspect the answer, but the women calling in or appearing don’t represent most “ladies”. The men (a small representation of the male population) who call in have already demonstrated that they are sluts and idiots and a similar complement of women are returning the favor.

FarTreker wrote:


Few, if any, call to complain and have their calls broadcast on the air. These shows screen each caller to see if his/her comments will fit in with the show. I’m sure the screeners turn down a fair share of complaint calls.

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It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Take a look at the source. Most women find Howard Stern an idiot, I think I watched him one time for about 5 minutes, that was it. It’s just like the Jerry Springer Show, some people will do anything for a minute of ‘fame’. This doesn’t represent the majority of people.

I find most of morning radio annoying. And it’s not just the stuff you’re describing in the OP… it’s the juvenile humor, the focus on embarrassing unwitting victims, the ranting about stupid things just because being a misanthrope seems cool or intellectual… ugh. One more reason to listen to NPR in the mornings. Not to mention, most of that morning radio stuff is PG-13, something I’m actually starting to give a damn about now that I’ve procreated,

This isn’t exactly what you’re asking but hey, it’s Friday afternoon.

I LOVE being insulted if it’s funny (that’s why I like the SD guys so much—no one can crack wise like them!).

I fell for a guy like a ton of bricks 20 years ago. I was working in the garment district and a buyer came in. I had some glamour shots that had just been taken of me. He looked at the photos, then looked at me. He whipped his glasses off and said, “Why, Eve—without my glasses on, you’re beautiful!”

The man o’ my dreams . . .

I can of course speak only for myself, but it saddens me so greatly to hear women cooperating in their own degredation on such shows, I work hard to avoid it. It seems to me that the (few)women who go along with these shows likely subscribe to some combination of the following: 1) convince themselves that its all “just a joke,” i.e., these powerful men couldn’t possibly really think that about me, or it doesn’t really matter if they (and all the listeners/viewers) did; 2)this is my ticket to better things if I go along with it, so its ok or 3)all of this attention is more than I deserve anyway, so I’m glad to get it. Having said this, I should clarify that this opinion does not come from some moralistic disapproval of sexualized humor but rather a belief that if one is emotoinally healthy, exploitation with a laugh track is not appealing.

Well, the radio show had been on for over ten years and doesn’t screen the calls – they let anyone on – which is one good point they have. However, over the years, the context of the show has gotten kind of rough and women seem to love it!

Example: Hello, Doc here.

Female caller: Hi. I want to talk about what Coach just said.

DOC: Sure, honey, sure. By the way, you wearing any panties?

Female caller: (Giggle) I certainly am. Hey, look, I don’t like Coach calling all us girls sluts.

DOC #2: Are you shaved?

Female caller: Shaved?

DOC #2: Yeah. Is your nappy dugout shaved or do you like the buggy bush around the stench trench or maybe a bacon strip?

Female caller: (Giggle) Shaved. Where does Coach get off saying all of us are sluts?

DOC #1: Well you are. You girls spread 'em for any man who buys you a drink. Are you fresh by the way? You know, down there?

Then they have events, like taking a somewhat mentally off guy, making him wear a diaper on stage at a bar, fill his diaper with Mayo, sardines, limburger cheese, peanut butter and so on and have him wander around as other ‘performers’ - like girls, come up and strip, perform fake lesbian acts on each other, form a line, legs wide spread and guys crawl through on their backs looking up at their exposed – uh – privates (this is the tunnel of poon) and, of course, some guys lean up to kiss it.

They get other guys on stage with a dildo and pretend to bugger them, have girls come up to do oral sex with the dildo and have prizes for the best one or have girls come up and dance pantiless – but dressed – exposing as much as they dare to the crowd. (The last time this happened, one girl was on the Tampex - and the string hung out. For the next two weeks they talked about that girl on the radio and her Tampex string and how gross it was.)

Oh, yeah. The diaper guy. After an hour or so, for donations of money, he has to eat some of the mix from his diaper.

They called up the owner of the Brittany Spears museum and asked her if she had either a pair of Brittany’s soiled panties there or a used Tampex from her – while broadcasting live to their audience. When they have live events, the women just flock there and if they notice a drop in female callers, all they have to do is ask for more women to call and they get them standing in line.

Guys call in to mention the most disgusting things about women that they can possibly dream up and the women take it. Some of the guys I’ve heard call I would consider to be rather dangerous because if they can think up such degrading things so easily, then that means they’ve thought about it before.

Like one guy just married a girl with a little 3 year old. Wifey gets on the air to tell a hilarious story about hubby and girl. It seems the little girl climbed in bed with them and crawled under the covers, so hubby, being a sweet heart, let loose a tremendous fart and gassed the kid out. I was appalled, but the radio hosts thought it was funny.

Guys brag about 69-ing a girl and farting in her face, doing anal and wiping any ‘residue’ off on her sheets when she isn’t looking, going to, uh, ejaculate in her mouth but switching at the last second and doing it in her eyes and laughing because it burned or pounding away with a condom on and, when she’s preoccupied, either ripping off the tip or pulling off the whole thing and finishing up unprotected because ‘it feels better’ or they like the ‘surprised expression on her face’.

And the women just call in and very rarely address this stuff. One who did was eventually run off of the air and considered a ‘frigid bitch who needs to get laid in the most degrading and humiliating way possible.’

One guy called up to brag about how he had picked up this girl, went home with her and he was real drunk and when he went down on her, he threw up. He thought it was funny the way she jumped up and rushed into the bathroom to clean herself up and blamed it on the smell of her vagina.

The station produces a calander of women and the women line up to be photographed and voted on to see who will get on the pages. (Uh, hot ones too! HOT! HOT! HOT!)

I’m confused. The last three girlfriends of mine I ‘mistakenly’ treated well and lost 'em. Maybe I should have asked them how their ‘stench trenches’ were.

I know one, maybe two, girls who if I had treated them as badly as these guys do their women, they’d have cheerfully kicked my ass.

And Stern. What is there about that obnoxious, ugly shit that attracts women to his show, including pretty, female movie stars? His crew looks like the welcome wagon from San Quenton or Thugs R Us.

I’m approaching middle age. I’m starting to get mystified. I think I’m getting a pretty good idea why most kids act like little shits.

Well, you’re going to find people willing to do just about anything. Most of us ARE insulted by being treated like that, and therefore don’t listen (and don’t call in - it doesn’t make any difference, and it just encourages the idiots). But there are people out there who think it’s funny, or the only way they’re going to find/keep a man, or are willing to cooperate for any of a number of other reasons.

I have no idea what show you are talking about, and frankly I find it hard to believe that what you are saying is true.

I don’t want you to think that I am of the opinion that you are lying, but it disgusts me so much to think that a show such as this stays on the air, that I would prefer to believe you are making it up. I guess I prefer to be in denial.

Any woman (or man) who panders to this filth and degradation needs therapy. Apparently the “hosts” present it as though it is humor, but from what you said it is A)NOT funny B)Not FUNNY C)NOT FUNNY!

It is also not acceptable, has NO redeeming value AT ALL, and is a punch in the face to any reasonble adult with even one brain cell in operation.

What I would like to see is for you to email someone like Drain Bead, tell her the phone number of the station, and let her call in and make mincemeat out of these bozos. That, I would tune in to see.

Or, maybe even better, Byzantine. Yeah, that’s the ticket, give them both the phone number, and have them synchronize their watches so that after one of them is done, the other can take over.

I’d volunteer myself, but I’m not very good at this sort of thing. I always think of what I should have said about 10 minutes after it is too late. Yes, Drain Bead and Byz are the ones to deal with this excrement.

I would like to know, is this program national or just in your local area?

Anyway, to address your personal situation-

I am sorry that you have had a bad time with relationships in the past. However, if you treated these women well and respected them, and they “dumped” you-then maybe you were not at fault. Maybe they were. Most of the women I know who have their act together are looking for a man who is a good person, who respects and appreciates them. Don’t ever think that the way to find and keep a woman is to pull the kind of junk that you posted about above. No woman who values herself would EVER put up with that kind of perversion.

I guess that this kind of program is the downside to the fifth amendment. Freedom of the press, a good thing on the whole, but abused in this instance. What is really sad and sick is that if the program wasn’t bringing in enthusiastic viewers, it would have been gone long ago. THAT is scary.



I listened to Howard Stern for about three minutes once, and if I was ever forced to meet him IRL, I would feel impelled to forgo a lifelong aversion to violence and kick him where it hurts the most.

He is something I had to scrape off my shoe one time when I was walking through my brother-in-law’s cow pasture and wasn’t paying enough attention to where I was stepping.

No, he is worse than that, but I can’t find the words to explain without lowering myself to his level. As if that was possible.


Ah, Howard Stern.

About a year ago, I think, the local media made a big deal about some local radio station that was going to start carrying Howard’s show. Finally, the big day arrived, and I listened to him.

Such unfunny, uninteresting crap.

I was bummed because I had hoped that Howard was going to be better than the sophomoric drivel that’s already out there during morning drive time. Unfortunately, Howard would have to be promoted to reach that level.

I can’t speak for the women, but I was insulted.

Howard was carried down here on the radio for a time, but lack of interest got his show canceled from, as far as I know, every station.

The radio station I’m talking about has been listed in the SDMB. I got the link to their website from a post here and you can listen in on their show. Plus see pictures of their events. (The diaper one is in there.) The radio station is 92.7 WZZR out of Port St. Lucie, Florida and can be heard as high up as Melbourne Florida, down through West Palm Beach and somewhat in the southern central part of the State. On the web, it goes out internationally. They have a download if you can’t listen in from the web and once you get it, then you have no problem. They come on at 10:00 am Eastern time and run until around 3 PM.

They’re not crappy all of the time, but if you listen long enough, you’ll get the picture. Their phone number is toll free through out the US. Beware! By calling the station, you agree to them using anything you say in any way they want and will probably be recorded to be played back if they feel your comments are worth it. You go live on the air with a 3 second delay so they can beep out cuss words like fk and p*y, but you can say screw and snatch.

They had one woman one time who, from the sound of her, was in her late 20’s and very well educated. She ripped them a new asshole and they readily argued with her on the air - making observations that she probably was a lesbian because she hated them so much, that she needed to take her Prozac, needed a man to slap the meat to her hard and dirty, tried to twist her words around and then Doc Rich – the main curmudgeon and antagonist – started insisting that she was secretly in love with him and wanted him. She stopped calling after a while but she was about the only woman who really stood up for other women.

A while back they were encouraging guys to perform a Dirty Sanches on women. That is, shove it up a woman’s butt, then just before climax, whip it out, poke a finger up there, remove the finger, poke the penis back in and while humping away, just as one ejaculates – shove the feces ridden finger up under the girls nose and rub her upper lip.

Everyone thought it a great joke. Within a week, they had men calling in claiming they had done it and some seemed real because of the way they described the woman’s reaction and anger.

And women still called in.

I’m beginning to wonder. An acquaintance of mine was dumped by a girl he dated for 2 months because – as she told him – he treated her too nice. A divorced friend of mine dated a girl for a year and she cheated on him and when he asked why, she said because he wasn’t suspicious enough. A guy I used to work with chased after a woman for months before giving up and much later, after he quit and had another girl, he met the first and asked her why she never went out with him. She said he was too polite and nice to be true.

It’s getting to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Another friend of mine dated a girl, briefly and on the first date she got smashed and they went to her place, where she promptly fell asleep. Well, he decided to doze off with her and in the morning she was a bit surprised that he had not just hopped on and banged away. She decided, after another date, not to go out with him anymore because she suspected he was gay for not screwing her that night. (He isn’t.)

Legalize prostitution! It’s a whole lot simpler!

So, now I wonder about the numbers of women who flock to Howard Stern and call the radio show I mentioned, plus pour into their contests and events. (They line up for the radio dirty dancing contests, home made bikini contests and moan off contests. The latter is where girls get on stage on a couch and act like they’re climaxing. The one who does it the best gets a prize.)

These are pretty girls too!

Well, check out the pictures for yourselves.

Well I think you answered your question about why more women don’t call up and protest. Why would you want to put yourself through that for a bunch on assholes who will degrade you and whose minds you have no chance of changing?

Sequela gave a pretty good run down of why a woman would go along with this shit.

I’m sorry you and your friends have had such bad experiences. But so have a lot of women. So, actually has everyone. There are plenty of sad, screwed up people in the world, of both sexes. It’s not something just about WOMEN.

I think if you want to have a good relationship with a woman, your first move would be STOP LISTENING TO THAT RADIO PROGRAM.

Listin for one week, write down the sponsers/advertisers,write to them, informing them that you and your fiends will not buy their product or service till they stop advertizing on the show.

What betenoir and Booker57 said.

The only way shlock programming gets removed is if the advertisers pull their business for lack of consumers.

This is probably going to get me flamed to a crisp, but Howard Stern strikes me as chauvinistic but generally silly and mostly harmless. He is a living joke, and can’t really be taken seriously. I can’t think of anything I’ve seen on Stern (I watch the E! show fairly regularly) that truly offended me. I could do without the racial humor, but if Robin, a black woman, isn’t offended, I feel pretty silly getting pissed myself. Stern is really not much more extreme than your average guy. Even my mom enjoys Howard Stern for God’s sake.
OTOH, we have your local DJ’s, which inspire in me a kind of hatred that I rarely am compelled to feel. Ejaculating in someone’s eyes? Ripping off the tip of a condom? These are examples of sexual assault, plain and simple. It is my sincere desire for these radio personalities and their vile fans to have their testicles crushed with a pair of pliers. I have no idea why any woman would want to have any part of this truly despicable show.

Women who don’t buy this bullshit aren’t listening, and that’s why they don’t call. I might be offended, but I sure as hell won’t waste my time waiting on hold to tell them about it.

Frankly, shocking = ratings, and the fact that people are up in arms and talking about it just proves the point. Even if people tune in only to prove to themselves how awful it is, the station and their advertisers win.

Sick and sad, but why continue to listen? I for one have heard enough!!!