Ladies, help me pick a menstrual cup

I think it’s going to be a Christmas gift to myself, but there are so many brands and I’m just a bit overwhelmed with choices.

  1. I’m small and generally don’t bleed heavily, so I think I would prefer a smaller one.
  2. I live in the US, so I need one I can actually get (whether sent from overseas or domestic doesn’t matter)

I’ve always been a pad user, but I’m not shy about my body. I just didn’t like the TSS danger of tampons.

So, convert me to your favorite. =^_^=

I have been using a Diva Cup for the past few years and while I love the convenience and the concept, I’m not 100% sure the Diva is the right cup for me. I continue to have leaks which I attribute to fitment issues. They are light, but it ticks me off when the cup is placed exactly the same as I always wear it, then I spot on my panty liner. Upon removal, the cup is not full, but it has dripped down the sides. I feel I should try another brand, so I’m going to monitor this thread.

Even with the occasional leak, I’ll take my Diva Cup over tampons any day.

The only one I have tried is the diva cup and I am so happy with it that I wish I had known about it sooner. There are 2 sizes and I fit the criteria for the larger one so that is the one I got. Though, I am small and have light flow I think I should have gotten the smaller one. The stem on it definitely needed to be cut off so that I could not feel it.

I find it easy to use and seldom have leaks. I wear pantyliners anyway just in case.

I’m happy with the Diva Cup as well. I’ve been all right with the stem, but many others have mentioned needing to trim it. I find I only have anything resembling leakage on the first day, or if I have it out for a while (like overnight) and then put it back in, so I’m assuming that’s just whatever was already out of the uterus before I put the cup in. I’ve only had to change it out twice a day, so I do it first thing in the morning, and then in the evening after I’m home from work, about 12 hours apart.

Could I second the OP? I tried a Diva Cup (smaller size) and it was way to big for me, even with the stem trimmed. It was fairly uncomfortable, and I had to use Vaseline to get it in.

I’ve got a Mooncup, smaller size, and I never had any issues with it.
I found it only ever leaked if one of the holes was blocked, I only ever changed it every 12-14 hours and I cut the stem off.

The comfort level of insertion for me was (I say was, as I’ve not had periods for almost 3 years due to variously: the Mirena coil, pregnancy and breastfeeding) directly related to whether I used the fold-into-quarters method they recommend (ouch!) or the punch-down method (not ouch).

At the moment I’m planning on getting a Moon Cup, because you can return it within 3 months. I wish you could buy them in stores, especially since I’m starting my period this week. :frowning:

I bought my diva cup at a local health food store. Are there any near you that you can try? Maybe one of them carries the mooncup.

I just got a Ladycup which works fairly well. I’d previously tried the smaller version of Diva Cup but had to return it because it was too big to work with (I have vaginismus, maybe it’s different for people who are just small). The Ladycup is a bit smaller than the Diva Cup, supposedly one of the smallest on the market. I find it works better to insert and is also more comfortable.

Maybe. I’ll check. That would be awesome.

Totally love the English on the Ladycup site…clearly translated from Czech by Babelfish or something similar!

I have to say, I like their colours and the “ecomomic” and “luxury” options and it is good to see them recommend Milton (that’s what I used on mine- I never really liked the whole idea of boling it on the stove).

I’m thinking after a long time in a drawer and 18 months of good use prior to that I might treat myself to a new cup…although hopefully I’ll get a new Mirena fitted before irishbaby is weaned and the issue won’t arise.

I’ve only used the Diva Cup. My girlfriend decided she didn"t want to try it alone. She’s never had another period. She got pregnant before it arrived and ended up getting a hysterectomy. I’m not saying it will happen to you…

I’ve been using it for about 4 years (wow). Just a month or so ago, I said, gee, maybe I should try using a tampon again, maybe I was over-reacting. Dude, it sucked. Whatever downsides the cups have, they don’t compare. I still consider myself scarred over it.

My biggest problem with the cup is remembering I’m using it.

Fair warning, if you aren’t a big purse-person, carrying it around “in case” can be a pain. If your period starts randomly, you may need to keep emergency tampons with you.

Just thinking about using tampons again has filled me with disdain. And think how much money I’ve saved!

My MoonCup has arrived, unfortunately right after I finished for the month. But I’m excited for next month.

I’m not that worried, Auntbeast. I tend to start expecting it a few weeks ahead of time.