Some DivaCup Questions (TMI, most likely)

So, I’m using my DivaCup for the first time and this whole insertion thing is giving me some troubles. I can’t tell if I have it in right or not. Any suggestions/tips? And how normal is it for the DivaCup to cause cramping? Does that just mean it’s inserted wrong or do I just need to be stretched out more or something?

Congrats on buying the DivaCup…wonderful gadget. Couple of tips, when inserting, aim for your coccix rather than going up. I find it easiest to insert when I’m sitting on the toilet. I also find it easier to insert when I have run some warm water over it (makes it a little more flexible). I fold mine, insert most of the way and then grab the base and pull until I feel it pop open. Then I push it in all the way in and rotate it. I also trimmed the little bit of silicone at the end so that it is about 1/4" long instead of 1/2", makes it more comfortable. Once it is in, I usually run my finger up the side and around it to ensure that it is fullly popped open.

Do you have the right size for your body? It shouldn’t make you cramp. Once it is in, you shouldn’t be able to feel it. It gets a lot easier with practice and what I did with my first period was practice in the shower to limit mess.

I LOVE my DivaCup and wish I had bought one when I first started my period. There would be a lot less tampons in landfills if I had! My daughter will have one from the first day she starts her period.

Thanks for the tips. The cramps have gotten a little bit better over the past 20 minutes, but I think I’m going to make a quick trip to the bathroom to try removing and reinserting it. When I get home from work, I’ll cut the stem down. 1/2" is a little long.

I’ve got the right size (model 1, “for women under 30 years old who have never had vaginal childbirth or c-sections”). I bet I just have it in wrong. I need more practice. How long did it take you to get really good at inserting/removing it?

Ahhhh…relief. This is much better. Pointing back instead of up makes a huge difference.
Note to self: Trim fingernails.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the trimming fingernails thing LOL. I would say it took me two sessions in the shower practicing insertion and removal to get it right every time, and it was probably on my second period using it when I felt really comfortable with the insertion and could do it without thinking about it.

Oo goodie, another DivaCup thread !
Having trouble finding them in France - can you buy them over the counter in the States or does it have to mail order ? I ask 'cos I’ll be over there in September.

Some stores sell them (like Earth Fare, though my local one didn’t have them in stock. They did have Keepers however). There’s a store locator on the DivaCup website.

Thanks Seren.

Thank you for this thread, I have been having a lot of problems with mine as well. I have a size 1 cup but it just seems too big. I did the C-fold on the package and thought “you’re kidding me.” I looked online and found this page which give me the origami fold. That works a lot better but I still can’t get my diva cup working correctly :confused: I’ll try angling it more towards my cervix next time. The other problem I’ve been having is removing it without having to spend 5 minutes and having a lot of pain. Any advice?

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After the last DivaCup thread, I ordered one online and got it a couple of weeks ago. Despite some doubts (imagine me with this face :dubious: ) I got the larger size 2 model, since I’m 33 (never had kids). The thing seems HUGE. I’ve always had to buy the slim tampons, so I’m not sure if I should just try the smaller one despite the website’s insistence that over-30 gals need the bigger one. And I got it in there, but I couldn’t tell whether I was rotating it successfully. Then, after getting it out, which involved some mild suction issues, I found out I’d scratched myself (ow) with my not-overlong fingernails.

Now I’m a bit gunshy about trying again. I bought some vinyl gloves so that I can try to avoid the fingernail problem, though. Today or tomorrow is the Big Day, but I had an 8:30 meeting this morning so I postponed the Great Cup Experiment.

I will keep you posted and would appreciate further encouragement too. When I go into the bathroom for this, I feel like I should bring snacks in case I’m in there for a while!

Wow, it’s a confluence of Doper Divacuppers. After the last thread I ordered one, also, and I am due to start tomorrow, also. I haven’t even practiced with mine, yet. I think I’ll start off by trimming the stem–and practice the in-and-out in the shower tonight.

I still really, really have my doubts. The Instead cup drove me crazy. I couldn’t feel it, but it irritated me at a subconscious level, and stopped me from sleeping.

Anaptyxis – to tell if you’ve rotated it successfully, you can run a finger around the cup when it’s inserted to make sure the sides aren’t dented in, which can mean that you have a bad seal.

I’m not sure if you know these things already, but I’ll add them again just in case: To break the suction, a) bear down, b) stick a finger up until you can snag the rim and push the side in so that the cross section is no longer round, c) keeping it pushed in, try to pull the works out while keeping it reasonably upright to avoid spilling.

(I’m a little surprised by people who’ve had fingernail issues, though – I range from shortish to dragon lady depending, and either I have good luck or I’m too insensitive down there to tell. :eek:)

What everyone else said. What I do: Get it a tad wet. Fold it more or less in half and grab it near the end. Wrangle the thing in a bit (if you can have sex with an equipped male of the species or an analogous substitute you should be able to do this)-- when it’s in a bit I let go so that it pops open, then stuff it in the rest of the way. You don’t have to (and should not) install it way up there like a tampon-- instead it should sit rather low near the outdoors-- I sort of tug it back down here soit’s well seated. If I’ve done the above it’s most likely open correctly and then I give it a twirl to get it nice and set.
To remove, I stick a finger or thumb and finger a bit up so that I can start to squeeze it closed to break to seal/ suction, and while sort of pressing my thumb in the side to collapse it a bit (something like how it went in in the first place haul it on out.
There are a few old threads floating around with omnibus instructions, complaints, solutions, witnessing, etc.

Yeah, what they said.

When mine’s correctly inserted, I can’t feel it. In fact, the only times I’ve suffered leaks was when I forgot I was having my period and didn’t dump it in time. Basically, I use a “C fold”, shove it most of the way in, squeeze the base while rotating it to get it to pop open, then wiggle-shove it in to the correct depth and angle. Sounds more complicated than it is, really.

There’s a learning curve with the DivaCup, and it’ll probably never be as simple to insert as a tampon. But for me, the money I’m saving and the comfort I’m experiencing and the wads of trash I’m no longer throwing away every month are well worth a little extra futzing around in the bathroom.

And, yay, a chance to whip out my sig!

I was wondering if this was my problem - I’ve only had sex with one male, he was slightly below average, and it’s been a while. The length of my vagina canal from opening to the cervix is slightly shorter than the diva cup and my cervix slightly tilts backwards. Whenever I try to let it sit low, the end of it sticks out and gets knocked around when I move. I tried it again, sticking it up higher and angling it nearly horizontal. It no longer irritates me but I’m not sure if it is actually working.

Ooo, thanks for that link. As for getting it out, I pretty much just stick a thumb and forefinger in there, pinch down on the cup as high up as I can get to break the seal, then kind of squish it up (like I’m trying to get it back into the C-fold position) while pulling it out.

I still love mine!

I do my DivaCup thing in the shower- plenty of time, clean, warm and relaxing… I find it’s easiest to get it out if I squat and bear down. At first I tried all sorts of delicate tugging, but eventually I learned I just have to kind of dig in and get my finger right up along side it. The suction is wierd, but it’s only twice a day so I just deal with it.

The oragami (C-fold, punch-down, whatever) method is a lifesaver.

I also needed to trim the stem a bit- not all the way, but like halfway.

I wasn’t able to get mine in time for this month - and it was the first period in over a year. (lactating) UGH! It was so heavy and gross and clotty and leaky! I actually leaked through a tampon and a pad at the same time, through my pants and stained my mother’s dining room chair. I was so embarrassed. Never again. I’m bribing a friend to pick me up a Keeper on Thursday when she goes to work - the health food store near where she works 40 miles from here is on the locator site.

I ordered one after the last thread and used it for the first time last month. I LOVED IT and am trying to talk my 13, 24 & 24 year old daughters into using one. Thus far, they are squicked out at the thought of it, but they’re all tampon users so I’m not giving up. I figure I’ll just mention it every month between now and December and then tuck one into their stockings for Christmas.

The first time I used it, I think I inserted it a little too high and had a bit of leakage, but I came back and review the thread here and just inserted it lower the next time and was right as rain for the remainder of my period.

Thanks Straight Dope gals!

The exact same thing happend with me. I had an all day regatta and I thought it’d be perfect if I didnt’ need to constantly change tampons. I got it in OK the first time but I wanted to make sure I could take it out. I’d accidently placed it too far in so getting it out was a huge pain and I was kinda freaked (which probably didnt’ help any). Then I tried to put it back in again but it didn’t open properly and I wound up ruining a pair of shorts in liek five minutes (I was having a bad period day, I wound up going though four frekaing pairs of shorts). I tried again the next day but I felt so bruised by all the fiddling, I gave up.

I have the size 2 model too and it does seem really big. I haven’t been able to get it to rotate successfully, it just feels too tight. I’ll have to try the folding technique on Kimera’s link, that does look a little easier.