My Divacup came today! Tips, tricks, advice, opinions?

Based on the accolades of some of my fellow she-Dopers in one of the myriad period threads floating around here, I purchased a Divacup from their website. It arrived today, which really surprised me, because I’m on the third day of my period and the way my life goes I didn’t expect it until the day after my period ended.

It’s comfy! I can’t even tell it’s in there. I had a little trouble inserting it for the first time, though, and I sprang a leak after the first hour or so. I removed it, washed it, and shoved it back in; I think this time I got a good seal, but I’m wondering how you tell for sure that it’s sealed BEFORE you experience a containment failure. And are there any tricks that make insertion easier? Has anyone had any negative experiences with this thing? What about care and feeding of the Divacup? The package insert says to wash it with mild soap and store it in the pretty purple bag that came with it; I’m assuming Dial antibacterial soap is okay?

And did you get a free pin with yours? :cool:


Can we get a TMI here?

Ok. TMI.

Really, squeamish people, stop reading.

I mean, right now. We’re talking about menstrual cups.
You’ve been warned.
I got one a few months ago and it’s so much better than sliced bread.
Ok, I had a couple of leaks early on, and then I realized that you should definitely NOT have it inserted way up like a tampon, but closer to the outside world so that the seal is nice and secure. I also get the thing in a little way, so that the lip has made it in, and let it start popping open then to make sure some air can get in so it isn’t vacuumed shut, then put it in the rest of the way-- otherwise I have a hard time getting it to open completely. Then I grab it and give it a rotation to make sure everything’s nice and working. Now that I do this routine I have not had any leaks. I also cut off most of the stem thing and it’s much more comfy.

You have something against pretty purple bags?

Oh, mine also came with pin and little purple bag, with yellow flowers, I think. I’ve just been washing it with whatever’s in the soap dish and putting it in alcohol overnight after last use of the month.

I got a Divacup about two months ago after hearing rave reviews in a few different threads around here. I love it. Haven’t had a single leak. My best advice for newbies is when you empty it (I only empty it once during the day), rinse it in really hot water out of the faucet. It probably doesn’t do much to sterilize it - but I find if the silicon is heated up a bit it’s easier to insert, and it pops open easier (I can’t get it to rotate for some reason like capybara suggested, but warming the cup up first makes inserting it a lot easier for me).

Have I mentioned that it’s one of the best inventions in the history of the world? I don’t like tampons, and never trust them not to leak. And I detest pads even more. And it gives me the warm-fuzzies to think of how much less I’ll be throwing in the landfill/down the toilet every month for the next 20-25 years.

It’s time for me to replace my Keeper, which has developed small exterior cracks which trap…um…substances and make it very difficult to clean. I’ve been using it for over six years, though, so I feel I got my money’s worth. Does anyone have an opinion about the relative merits of the Diva Cup vs. the Keeper? I don’t have any problems with latex, but does silicone have any properties that make it better (or worse) than rubber?

I know I don’t belong in here, but I’m curious: do you get a new one every month or does it stick with you like a good friend?

Regarding seals: When I stuff my Mooncup in, I generally squish the folded cup up into place with my thumb, then run a finger around the cup’s outside (between the cup and the vaginal wall) to get the rim to pop open. Pinch the base to get a good grip, and then rotate enough to make sure it’s all the way open. I also tend to tug on it a little to make sure it’s playing nicely with my cervix (which sits rather low) and is sealed.

If you need a backup, I tend to use Lunapads, which are great.

**capybara **-- doesn’t it hurt if it pops open before it’s completely in place, or are you doing that after it’s past the pubic bone?

BTW – if you need to empty it in a public bathroom stall, take a couple damp towels in with you to wipe the rim and your hands afterward. And make sure your arse is parked over the toilet so you don’t come out looking like a murder vic. Don’t worry about dropping it in – keep your other hand underneath for that purpose.

I tend to rinse/wash with soap and warm water every night, then boil that sucker but good with water and vinegar at the end of every period. Works for me. Oh – someone else on a LJ comm (slips my mind which) recommended using those little disposable toothpick-brush-thingies to clean out the holes in the cup, which I haven’t gotten a chance to try out yet, but it’s a great idea.

Agree with the rest of you lot that menstrual cups are a godsend. No more cotton rats clogging the plumbing, and no more landfill contribution!

Nope, menstrual cups are reusable, unless you’re talking about Insteads, which are disposable.

Divacups and Mooncups are made of silicon rubber while the Keeper’s made of rubber, IIRC.

I got a Mooncup a couple of months ago, but have only used it for one period (I’ve been bicycling pill packets). It’s fab!

The instructions in mine suggest rinsing in hot water before re-inserting (or wiping with tissue), and sterilising by either boiling in an open pan of water for at least 15 minutes, popping in the dishwasher, or using a baby bottle sterilising solution (as directed) at the end of each month.

I’m using the “soaking in a jar of Milton for 30mins” approach, because it’s quick, I don’t have a dishwasher and I don’t have to explain why there’s a Mooncup on the stove to irishfella.

Irishfella BTW spent about 10mins playing with it like a hand puppet when I first got it, and is bemused by the whole idea. He has a “you know best, and I don’t need to know any more” attitude.

Since I’m emptying every 8-12 hours (thank Goodness for pill-related light flow) I’m able to use my own toilet at home and it’s all good. No leaks, no pinching of anything, but I find removing it quite uncomfortable. It’s that part where the whole thing opens out fully as you remove it.

Pin? As in something you wear?

Is it intended to be worn at…:rolleyes:…uh…certain times?

It’s a little lapel pin that says “Diva!” and (I presume) it’s to promote word-of-mouth advertising. I stuck mine on my purse strap. Their website is if anyone’s interested.

I’m REALLY falling in love with this thing. No leaks overnight! I’m still having a little trouble with insertion and removal, though. I did find out that you REALLY want to break that seal before you try pulling down; I think I almost plunged out my uterus. And putting it in is still rather messy. But it’s kind of cool to watch the color and consistancy changes as things progress. I’m still not sure how to check for a good seal, but I’m hoping greater ease will come with familiarity.

I’m mad I didn’t have this thing 18 years ago. My daughter will have it better than I did; I’m definitely getting her one as soon as she starts menstruating.

For those outside the USA is your best bet.

It’s an identical product, although I got stickers and a rather utilitarian cotton bag, rather than a badge and a pretty purple one!

Actually, looking at both sites, they both deliver internationally. So I suppose it depends whether you like the happy hippies over at Mooncup, or the altogether more polished people at Divacup!

So, um, how’s the sex when test driving one of these things?

You need to remove it first. Just like you’d have to remove a tampon.
Side note though - I’ve never really gotten cramps, but I used to get the worst low back pain during my period, and that hasn’t happened at all since starting the cup. IANAD, and maybe it’s just psychosomatic, but it definitely makes me less grouchy during the period if I don’t need to stupify myself on pain meds. Benefit: my receptive to any um… amorous activities that may occur.

Sorry. that should be I’m more receptive. :smack:

MMMkay, here be TMI again.

I use the keeper now and then. I usually just skip my periods, but every now and then one shows up to taunt me. Now, I have a lovely tipped uterus, and my cervix is about half way down my vagina. This makes the keeper rather uncomfortable because I have to shove it right up against my cervix to keep it above my pelvic bone. Would the Divacup be more flexible or softer than the hard keeper? Would it be more comfy for my messed up innards?

Yeah, I get it in past the public bone; we’re pretty resilient down there.
I squeeze the bottom 1/4 of the thing shut when taking it out-- seems to break the seal pretty well.

I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about any males in the house taking it upon themselves to empty the bathroom garbage and going “eeAAchhh!!”