Ladies - If your man paid for some professional cuddling would that be OK?

This woman is offering a professional service. If you found your SO had been patronizing “The Snuggery” to feel better and combat depression would that be acceptable?

Looks inviting

Hell to the no. Nobody’s snuggling with my sweetie but me.

(Also, I have to believe it would be almost impossible for a male to snuggle with a woman and not get aroused, whether he means to or not.)

(I think what she’s doing is awesome, though.)

Her pricing is a bit like a massage. I accept that my man probably can’t get an equivalent massage at home, but an equivalent snuggle? What’s she offering that he couldn’t get for free? I think it’s more the money/stranger aspect than the snuggling itself that bothers me.

FWIW, I asked my husband what he would think about me doing this (with a male snuggler) and he said, “You would both be destroyed.”

olivesmarch, count me in on the crowd of people who can snuggle up with a woman and not be aroused :smiley:

And I’m gay, so to be fair, I have to say that I can also snuggle up to a man and not be aroused! (Gay guys snuggle with eachother sometimes, no intent for sex)

It would be really odd. We sleep in the same bed, he can get some snuggling any night he wants. I’m not sure if I would be pissed or just confused.

On the other hand, I’d totally be down to snuggle with people for a living.

Sixty bucks an hour? I’d cuddle with him for half, no, a third that much, and he wouldn’t have to schedule an appointment. He could even be in his underpants and scratch himself if he wanted, though I might tack on an extra fee for that.

Seriously, why would anyone who could snuggle at home pretty much any time for free shell out to snuggle with a stranger?

Now, people who were single or away from family long-term, I could see utilizing such a service, though it seems much cheaper to go to a Cuddle Party. Four hours or so for $20-$30, versus one hour for $60…of course, you only get amateur cuddlers instead of a highly trained professional, so of course it’s much cheaper. Like going to the beauty school to get your nails done instead of a salon.

On a side-note, the linked news report shows something I’ve been claiming for years. Local anchor Don Alhart is the living embodiment of Kent Brockman.

“Thank you, that was a nice snuggle. Now is there somewhere I can. . .um. .tidy up?”

I would not want to snuggle with her, she looks too much like rather disliked teacher of mine.

Does she have some kind of security service? What’s she going to do when a man inevitably starts to get too grabby? And is dry-humping allowed?

It wouldn’t even be okay if it was before we met, because he’d have to a needy fucking weird dude. It’s not that hard to find a free girl, come on.

Maybe I’m too cynical, but I think that for $60 snuggling = dry humping. Amiright guys?

Wouldn’t the physical and psychological benefits require that there be some kind of pre-existing nurturing emotional bond with the person before cuddling? I don’t see how doing that with a stranger would help with stress.

Yeah, same here. I feel the same way about cuddle parties – I don’t really see why you’d want to find some random person to snuggle up. Just seems a bit creepy.

Paying someone to cuddle with you should be the opposite of psychologically beneficial because it should make you feel like a creepy pathetic weirdo.

I would be confused, because he claims not to be a “cuddler”.

I’d give up sex with my wife before snuggling. And if a man (or woman) has to turn to a professional for such a thing, there’s got to be some deep and serious problems in the marriage.

No man now, but if the ex had paid a woman $60 for anything I would have walked. I make way more money than he does and I usually paid when we went out. If he couldn’t afford to take me out he sure as hell had better not be spending on some other woman.
That said, I am a perfectly comfortable woman with a nice cushy set of ‘pillows’. If any man of mine ever thought about snuggling up to another set he may as well stay there because he’ll never snuggle with mine again.

I don’t agree that someone who would go to a “snuggle” is necessarily experiencing problems in their marriage. To me it does seem very equivalent to a massage. Would you accuse someone getting regular massages of having relationship troubles?

Hell, ***I ***would pay for some dude (or woman, really, I’m not picky) to cuddle with me and brush and pet my hair for an hour. Shit, I’d RATHER get that than a massage. My husband isn’t as touchy-feely as I am, and I try not to be all up in his space all the time. If there was a legal service that would let me get my non-sexual physical contact in without any weird emotional strings attached? Hell yes!

(Now, I should say that if I found that my husband was claiming to go to a snuggle-session, I would be unhappy - not because he was snuggling someone, but because I’d have to call bullshit. He aint the cuddle type, and that would be a HUGE red flag. I have troubles even getting him to get massages when he’s all tense and unhappy and stressed.)