Ladies, please name this dress

Alright, the short of it is I see this lady in a photo wearing a dress like THIS, she calls it a “Kimono Butterfly-Wing striped Dress” So I googled with various combinations of her description and turns out, that Google has never heard of such a thing either.

Is there a reliable description of this dress so that I could just do a search for th-at and get some decent results. I’m looking for a pattern for something like this to give to someone that can actually sew stuff. Any leads or help would be much appreciated.

Oversized sweatshirt?

The thing with clothing names is that they are often at the whim of the creator. I’d perhaps try googling for butterfly sleeved dress, and maybe toss in 80s or 90s in there.

ETA: Ask the person with sewing skills if they can come up with a pattern based on the image. I had my prom dress made based on nothing more than a picture!

That is an exaggerated dolman sleeve. It was an 80’s fad referred to as a “bat wing”.

Google “bat wing dress” and “dolman sleeve” images and you’ll find lots of examples similar to that photo.

Yup, I agree with the exaggerated Dolman sleeve judgement. I was wearing things not quite that outrageous in sleeve diameter back in the '80s. :smack:

Here’s the first pattern I found (not necessarily the best). Extremely easy. Just add cuffs.

Since it has dolman sleeves, and is not long enough to be called a dress I would call it a exaggerated dolman sleeved T- shirt!! sure doesn’t do anything for her figure!!

Yeah, no offense, but it’s seriously fugly.


U.G.L.Y. it ain’t got no alibi it’s UGLY.

That dress so ugly, when it joined an ugly contest they said, “Sorry, no professionals.” That’s just what I heard, anyway.

Looks like a pair of MC Hammer pants with a hole cut in the crotch for her head.

I thought a bat wing had a single layer of fabric extending down from the closed tube of the sleeve, rather than being a very large, bulgy tube. Batwing cardigans were very popular last year, and that’s what you saw, rather than anything like the picture in the OP.

Don’t be so judgemental. Maybe Thinktank wants someone to sew them a bat costume for Halloween.

Or give it as a gift to a particularly loathed inlaw!

My wife had one in the late sixties…I referred to it as the Rocky the Flying Squirrel dress. Fortunately my wife has a good sense of humor.

Yeah, dolman sleeve, knit fabric, micro/miniskirt. Not really flattering.

A kimono sleeve would look like this, only there’s a lot of variation. Basically, the cuff is very large and open, and meant to hang or drape.

Psst… The lady forgot the pants that go with that baggy shirt.