Ladies Urethral Discharge?

Just wondering if any of you ladies have had any experience with the following. I’ve noticed a wet spot on my underwear close to the urethra. I don’t want to be graphic or gross but it smells really bad, almost like a dirty dish towel or mildew. Don’t tell me about the “fish” smell becuase this does NOT smell like fish at all. It is specifically a mildew/dirty dish rag smell. Please, anyone know for sure what this is, speaking from experience of course… I’m getting worried and I dont have insurance to get all the tests done so I have not called my doc yet. Just wanted to try here first.

IA(Absolutely)NAD, but it sounds like you may have a urinary tract infection. I understand not being able to afford a doctor, so all I can say is that recent research shows that cranberry juice really might offer some help. (For more accurate info, try Googling “cranberry juice, UTI” for links to recent studies.) Maybe helpful, maybe not, but offered in the spirit of “it couldn’t hurt to try it.” (Unless, of course, you break your toe by dropping a half-gallon of cranberry juice on it… Please try not to do that, since I’d feel awfully guilty!)

Please go to a Planned Parenthood near you to get checked out (if available in your area). Contrary to popular belief, PP does a WHOLE lot more than just providing birth control. Depending on your particular situation, your visit may be reduced-cost or totally free. If you don’t have PP in your area, I’d advise contacting your county health department for info.
Good luck.

County health departments are great. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, but do it immediately. Like tomorrow.

The fish smell is associated with just one type of infection. There are several that can cause urethral discharge - from a UTI to an STD.

When you see a provider, (tomorrow would be great!) let then know about your situation with finances and ask to delay unneccesary tests - you could put off your pap smear for a few months if you’ve had clear ones in the past. I have had good luck with getting cheaper antibiotics (a longer course and more times per day) when I explained my situation.

Women can get urethritis too.

You need the full UTI/STD workup.
Your kidneys and/or your fertility could be at risk. Do not put this off.

It is a sad, sad state of affairs if you can’t get this service for free somewhere.