Ladies, what do you make of this (make-up related)

So, I’m going around the local hairdressing shops looking for someone to do my hair and make-up for my wedding (I don’t have a regular hairdresser). I go to this one shop, and the lady I’m talking to seems quite nice and professional, and then she introduces me to the cosmetician (make-up person, whatever they’re called). This lady also seemed very nice, but she was wearing rings of bright blue eyeliner, heavy, caked bright blue mascara, and bright pink lipstick. I worked very hard at not letting on how appalled I was at her personal make-up choices.

Now, my question is, is this somewhat normal? Has anyone experienced this before (a make-up professional who actually is good, but terrible at her own make-up)? Should I go ahead with consultations with this woman, or would it be a terrible waste of time? Should I talk to this woman’s manager and tell her how off-putting a professional make-up person who looks like a clown is? This has just about floored me - how can anyone who does make-up for a living not know that coloured eyeliner and mascara is way, way, way out? (It is, isn’t it? Or is it so out it’s in again?) I’m so confused! Help!!!

Well, I don’t wear make-up because I really do look and feel like Bozo the Clown if I do. As far as the make-up artist, I’d say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. She could be such a good artist that she’s personally bored with conventional looking make up that enhances one’s natural beauty. So she goes to the opposite extreme. Is there any way that you could talk with or look at pictures of women whose make up she’s done? Of course, it could be also that she is a clown and that she views make up in more of a clown aesthetic. It’s totally your call. But I wouldn’t dismiss her out of hand. It seems to me that if she’s really good, she will sit down with you, listen to what you want, and then help you reach that goal. Talking more with her can’t hurt you.

Congrats on your wedding, btw. :slight_smile:

Professional make-up people tend to wear far more makeup than I would ever wear myself. The good ones will take your preferences into account, however, and will make you up how ever you want. So, I would trust a cosmetician who wears a lot of makeup, as long as she looks good in her own makeupy way.

But I would never trust a Mimi. No way.

That’s the thing, Green Bean, she didn’t look particularly good. The bright blue eye rings didn’t do a thing for her hazel eyes and dark complexion.

Good point, celestina. BTW, I don’t wear make-up often, either, so I’m mortally afraid of looking like a clown on the one day in my life that I’m supposed to be my most beautiful, and everyone’s taking pictures to prove it.

I would be afraid and run away fast.

Although I have no justification for doing so other than her apparent lack of taste. YMMV.

Well, I’ll amend what I said a little to say that I still think you should talk to her, but also trust your instincts. Instincts rarely lie. If there’s something about her, some wierd vibe you get from her, then take your business somewhere else. I mean, I’m not really sure what you’re looking for. If you don’t wear makeup that much, what kind of makeup do you want for the big day? Do you have friends who could suggest someone? Okay. I’ll shut up now.

That was my point. She looked bad, so you shouldn’t trust her.

I was interning on a TV show at the time of my wedding. I asked the make-up artist for the show what I should do, as I didn’t normally wear any make-up. She said that I should wear a little mascara and lipstick or else I would look washed out in the photos, but I didn’t really need to do much else.

And that’s what I did. And I looked just divine!

I just had another thought-- even if you talk to a makeup artist in advance, and even if you have her do your face for a trial run…beware that she may have a tendency to put a lot of extra make-up on you on your wedding day. It’s your wedding, after all, and you want to look “good,” don’t you? :rolleyes:

How about just learning to do it yourself? It’s not a bad skill to have.

Ditto what Green Bean said - try doing your own makeup. It’s rather easy.

If you know someone with a digital camera, you could try out different colors. Also, the department store make-up counters should be able to help you with basic techniques. Sometimes they will have “make-over” people doing free makeovers.

Do NOT let this woman near your face! I was recently a maid of honor at my friend’s wedding. Her mom’s hair stylist did hair and make-up for all the women in the wedding party. She gave me Kitty’s hairdo from That 70s Show! Fortunately, I insisted on doing my own make-up.

Get one of your friends, one who knows how to wear make-up in a classy and understated manner, to do yours.

When I (rarely) do my own make-up, it looks fine to me, but I keep hearing that make-up for pictures is different. Is this an old wive’s tale? I don’t want to screw up for this one particular day, although my instinct is to not do my make-up a whole lot different for this day (I hate the feeling of make-up pancaked on my face - a light powder is all I can stand, especially in August heat).

It’s this kind of crap that’s making planning my wedding into a chore, instead of the fun that it should be. Argh.

Some fashion designers look awful in both their general appearance and in the clothes they wear. But some of their designs are marvelous! Could be the same with make up artists, although I would hire NOT one that looks like the woman with heavy green eye makeup on the Drew Carey Show. I also would feel uncomfy with a hairdresser who has what I consider el mundo bizarro hair. :eek: I think powder to reduce facial shine should be adequate with whatever lipstick you like.

Sort of. I don’t officially “model” but I’ve taken a lot of pictures with hobbiest photographers (many are on my website), and I wear a lot of makeup so I think I’m qualified to comment.

Photographs tend to look like you’re wearing a bit less makeup than you really are, especially if you’re like me and extremely pale. It will also seem a bit higher contrast than you normally do, because your skin will reflect more light than the makeup. You’ll have much, much less problem with outdoor photos done in natural light than shots with a flash. I also do custom picture framing and I see a lot of bridal portraits, and 99% of them (I swear) are done outdoors, in the late afternoon or early evening. Warm sunlight is very forgiving, and can even make me appear human.

If your wedding/pictures are going to be indoors, you might want to wear a little extra makeup. I would definitely go with the mascara and lipstick suggestion – but not too dark, or else your lips will stand out too much. A light powder for shine would be good, too.

I think paying someone to do this would be a waste of money.

Hobbyist? I think I am making up words today.

I agree with the powder and lipstick, and maybe some mascara. Don’t wear frosted lipstick, the flash from the camera will reflect off of it. If you’re using candlelight for your wedding, pink is suppose to be the best color for blush and lips. Something about the yellow in the candlelight and the pink supposedly make the perfect blend in anyones complexion.

From what I know about weddings (which would be the Elle Wedding Extravaganza magazine that came with my April issue) and from personal photography experience, you really just want to look like happy, pretty, and feminine on your wedding day. I think you can probably do your make-up yourself…

You might want to check out a make-up counter that specializes in foundations/cover-up - Prescriptives is the best; they have one brand called Traceless that is truly miraculous. You can have the lady play around with shades and find the one that works for you.

Also, in terms of having pretty, flushed skin, a great powder is Revlon Skin Illuminating Powder (it comes in shades like bronze, blush, natural, and gold). If you pat that all over your face, it will make your skin glow (it’s supposed to reflect light). If you have oily skin, it’s good to avoid the T-Zone. I think it makes a great eyeshadow, too.

I would use a cream blush because it lasts a long time and won’t look thick, matte, or dull. Maybelline makes a great one in a stick form - you just rub it on and blend it in. Just pick a natural rosy shade and you’ll look fine.

Then all you need is mascara and lipstick - waterproof and long-lasting, preferably. I like both Lipfinity by Max Factor and the Cover Girl OutLast - you won’t have to worry about your lipstick smearing all over the place when you’re kissing everyone and smashing cake around. If you don’t already have a mascara preference, L’Oreal FeatherLash in waterproof is amazing.

Congrats, and whatever you decide, I hope you look lovely!

If you don’t want coloured mascara, one of the Cover Girl/Maybelline type brands even makes a clear kind that works pretty well if you just want to give your eyes a really subtle boost. I’ve used it and it works just the same as the coloured stuff.

I’m not a make-up girl, in fact, I’ve probably worn make-up 10 times in my entire life, including my formal (prom) and my wedding.

I too, wanted to look good in my wedding photos, but remembered the tragic make-over I had done for my formal. The lady was fine for the rehearsal, listened to what I wanted, and did a great job. For the actual day she piled the make-up on. “But it’s your fooooormal” she said when I asked her to tone it down. Three more attempts at toning down, and I still looked like a bad and desperate prostitute. I ended up wiping most of it off on the way to the formal. I wasn’t going to have that happen again.

What I did, was go to a make-up counter that also does make-overs (they’re usually the more expensive ones) and got her to make me up exactly how I wanted. I explained to her upfront what I was doing, and took notes on everything she did, and she gave me plenty of hints and techniques to use. I then bought the make-up she used on me, and practised two or three times before the wedding. Yes, the make-up wasn’t cheap but I rationalised that I’d saved all that money and more by not using heaps of make-up all my life. If you are on a super-tight budget, take note of what she does, and what colours she uses, and buy the budget version from a cheaper outlet, if you have to.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: I have a couple of photos up on my unfinished website if you’re interested in seeing how the make-up turned out.

Pretty much a rule of thumb for me…get my nails done by someone who has pretty nails (hard to find), get my hair done by someone with good hair, get makeovers by someone with good makeup, etc. In those professions, I see the person as a walking billboard of their talent (and tastes).

Ugh. I hate both of these. Yes, in a perfect world, they’d last. But they feel really icky, and they don’t last as long in the center of my lips as they do on the edges, so I wind up look really freaky, especially if I’m wearing red (my favorite color). And reapplying the color part (rather than the glossy part) makes it all grainy and weird - both looking and feeling. I have five tubes of them in various colors - every once in a while, I’ll give one another try, thinking I did something wrong. Nope. Same result every time. Also, they’re difficult to remove. YMMV, but try 'em out well in advance to see what you think.

The best result I’ve gotten for long-lasting lip color is simply using lip liner and coloring in the whole lip, then adding a gloss so it isn’t so matte-looking.