Lady Dopers some bra help please.

Another vote for Gilligan O’Malley at Target. I was so astonished when I found my unusual size on the rack, and in a variety of pretty colors no less, I bought two bras. I never expected to just walk into a store and find those. (And they were on sale for like $13 apiece. That’s what I like about Target. Things are often both cheap and good.) They’re demi cup with wide-set straps.

Help is here. I am also a 10 inch difference. This page shows cup size in most major brands (and a few obscure brands) by inch differential. While I wore DDD’s for years (because that just how big they get in most stores), as you can see, not a single manufacturer even claims that a DDD will fit a 10" difference. The charts also shows the goofiness of some manufacturer’s lettering systems, like I said before.

This Le Mystere bra is the one I got a Nordstrom about a year ago and fell in love with (yes, that’s a Macy*s link. I can’t find in on Nordstrom’s site anymore.) I just ordered another. I also ordered this Goddess bra for almost half the price from Nordstrom online. If it works, I’ll transfer my fealty to this one! I based the size of the Goddess one on that chart, so I’ll let you know when it arrives if the chart seems realistic.

Both Nordstrom and Macy*s have very good return policies. I figure that even if they don’t work out, I can mail them back. Beats driving to a store to try on the 1 full figured plus size bra in one brand that they have in back.

I went to Nordstrom to be fitted today. I have a 34.5" rib measurement (which I measured too big the other day). She didn’t measure me anywhere else. She said that we needed to determine cup size by trying on bras. Okay.

Anyway, she told me that the type of bra I like wouldn’t do anything for me. Right then. She told me that the weird rolls popping out of the sides were just skin and nothing I could do about it. Okay, fine. Sure. Except that she was putting me in a C cup and I was getting quadra-boob.

I left. Besides which, I’m cheap and no way was I going to pay $68. for a bra.

I’d like to revise my remarks. Don’t go to Ginger’s Nordstroms. It sucks.

Seriously, what’s up with that? :confused:

Maybe I look poor?

Nah. The salesbeing was struck useless with envy when she saw your abundant “assets”.

I don’t think she was all that impressed. Truthfully, they’re really not all that impressive anymore, post-weight loss. Kinda saggy skin bags*.

She said “They’re very full in the bottom but not at all in the top (pulls out $74 bra with granny straps), you need this style.”

Me: “I hate this. I want a two-fastener, un-padded strap, lightly molded cup.”

Her: “We have several colours in this style.”

Me: (Glares)

I need to go hang out at Wal-Mart or Tar-zhay and find me some damned bras that fit me.

*Yeah, that’ll get me the dates

I think that the Gilligan O’Malley bras are the best. The price can’t be beat either. I went to Lane Bryant over the weekend to try on DDD bras they fit much better than DD. So if I can just find some 38DDD Gilligan O’Malley’s I believe that I would have the perfect bra.

Wacoal bras at Nordstroms. They sell them other places, but Wacoal rocks! They are, however, very expensive - but I’ve had them last at least marginally well for years.

I’m going to chime in for the Lane Bryant selection of bras.

They have some in the Cacique line that have little inflatable pillows that fit into the sides of the cup. I took one look at those and said “Oh hell, no! The girls are big enough, thanks all the same!” (I’m a 38 - 40 DDD - so finding bras that fit can be an adventure)

However, I was shopping for wedding dress unmentionables at the time, and the salesbeing had just completed a bra fitting class and was way way excited to be involved in fitting a wedding dress ensemble for a girl with an actual rack (as opposed to ladies who have bra issues along the 46 - 48/A-B range). She was so enthusiastic about it I tried it on just to humor her. (Plus she was the friendliest salesbeing I saw all day.)

I’ll be double-dog-damned if the freaking thing didn’t make the girls look stunning! Apparently the little inflatable pillows didn’t add bulk, they served as a fence to keep the girls from heading for the sides of my chest. Plus they were really, really comfortable. I bought three. I’ve bought three more since then - they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. Comfortable (for underwire), durable (I’ve only had to retire one in the two years since then), and reasonably priced (36 bucks for full price retail - and LB is forever running sales). Also, they keep the girls corralled front and center and they hold like iron without looking like they hold like iron. They even come in colors other than beige! No four-tit, no back rollage to speak of, they don’t dig after a long day, the girls don’t slide out the bottom (I’ve had bras that fit well when you tried them on, only to find that after a couple of hours, the bottom started inching up and over the breasteses - that was fun, let me tell you!), and they grant cleavage without smooshing the girls together so tightly they can only be separated with a crowbar and some baby oil.

As a bonus, the pillow-things can be removed if you so desire, and they still do a better-than-average job of holding things together.

Oh. My. God. Bras in my size that work and are pretty! I almost declared my life complete when I found them. I did call the LB head office and praise the salesbeing to the suns.

You won’t find them. They only make them up to DD, and that only in some styles. :frowning:

Darn it. I thought that I had seen them in DDD before. Must have been another brand mixed in on the same rack.

Sounds like the Cacique brand Aangelica described could be the answer to my prayer. I did not see them at Lane Bryant when I was there. But they should be easy to find since I will know what I am looking for when I go back.

Aangelica do you remember the style of bra that worked for you. The Lane Bryant site has several. The one you found seems like it would be perfect for me.


I don’t have the exact problem as the OP, but it’s often a struggle to find bras that seem to hold everything in place. This bra is my current favorite, and it’s inexpensive. I think I have four of them.

I also have one of these and it’s actually pretty. Most of my bras are too industrial strength to be pretty!

I think I bought mine at K-Mart.

That’s the line!

I’ll post again with the model when I get home and can take a look at the label - my office frowns on disrobing to check such things during working hours. Apparently it’s distracting or something!

Okay, I bought a couple of 36D bras last night (Gillian O’Malley). I suspect I should return the one I haven’t worn and try a DD. Damn it. I freaking HATE bra shopping.

Some places just won’t let a person have any fun. :wink:

Thanks for checking I think I may even order online instead of waiting until I get a chance to get to the store. Just thinking there might be a bra that addresses my problems is making me giddy. :smiley:

Actually, they list one of the sale bras as being “air padded.” Follow the link you posted, and it’s on the second page, bottom row, first one on the left. It’s purty, too. They don’t make it in my size, though. (Is there a sulky smilie with its lip all pooched out?)

Personally, I’m a fan of the microfiber balconette. At least, I think that it is. My labels are too faded to read the style number, and like everything else in this world, it looks a lot different on me than it does on the models. At any rate, I really, really like these bras. The underwire is sized just perfectly, so there’s no underarm jabbing, booby pinching, or other wire-related unpleasantness. So far, no wire breakage or attempts to leave the fiber cocoon and enter the wider world, either. There’s enough coverage to prevent the girls trying to go over the wall, so to speak. Best of all, it doesn’t look like a Grandma bra, which is really unusual in stuff that fits me.

Something I forgot to mention, yesterday. When I told the Nordstrom’s saleslady that I didn’t like the way it separated my breasts and sent them off in opposite directions, she told me that it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do. I told her I didn’t like my breasts poking out in two different directions. She asked, incredulously, if I wanted cleavage? And she didn’t think I could get it.

Right then.

Have I mentioned how friggin’ much I hate bra shopping?