LaGuardia to Manhattan by Cab: How long?

Too damn specific to make a good GQ but I need to know…

I’ll be in NYC for about 4 hours tomorrow for an interview. And I need some idea of how long and how much a cab will take getting to Manhattan from LaGuardia at about 10:30 and leaving about 1:30.


What a crapshoot.

If the Pres. isn’t in town, or some meeting at the UN, or a random terrorist alert isn’t called, anywhere from 45 mins. to 2 hours. Time of day is critical. Your window is pretty good.

Where in Manhattan? It’s a whole 'nuther thing - Lower/Midtown/Upper, Eastside/Westside, theater district on Wednesday (matinee traffic).

The shortest way from LaGuardia is usually over the Triboro Bridge which dumps you onto the FDR at about 125th St. That’s pretty far north, but the FDR should be “quiet” at that time, and gets you to midtown or downtown pretty fast. Good if you’re going to the Eastside.

Can’t help with the cab fare. I’d guess $10-20 or so.

I agree with NutMagnet. You’ll be going through there too late for the good traffic; it may be swamped. On the other hand, the taxi drivers have no reason to take their time.

If you’re coming in at LaGuardia, I’m certain you’ll take the Triboro, which honestly is a fairly quick route.

Why not take the Water Taxi? You can be in midtown in no time, you don’t have to worry about trafic backups, and it’s apretty nice trip.

I’m going to 6th Ave and 19th Street.

641 Avenue of the Americas. Does that help?

Assuming it’s not rush hour and you take the midtown tunnel - no longer than 30-40 mins.

Cab fare will be around $25.

Good, then you can blow off that silly interview and go to Periyali (35 West 20th) for lunch instead. The giant beans with garlic are to die for.