Lambswool Duster: Safe for TV and Other Electronics?

Hi all,

I came across some really nice lambswool dusters yesterday and, having previously heard about how good they are for dusting, I was thinking one of these might be handy to have around, but after giving it some thought, I realized that it’s likely static electricity that causes the duster to “grab” dust — if I were to use a lambswool duster on my LCD flatscreen TV, would such a thing hurt it? What about my DVD recorder and other electronics? I’ve looked around on the web a bit, but most of the sites that advocate using lambswool dusters on electronics are, well, selling lambswool dusters.

Does anyone here know about such things?

I’ve used them before with no ill effect. The amount of static electricity is not that high. I mean, I wouldn’t use it inside a computer case, but on things that are closed off, I’ve never had a problem.

ETA: But my TVs are all still CRTs. I definitely don’t see a problem with the other devices you mentioned, though.

Inside the case it could kill the electronics. Outside the case have at it.

Good to know. Thanks, guys!