Lame internet question (NYC dopers).

Having just moved to Manhattan, I am choosing a new ISP.

Any recommendations (or flames)?

Looking for the straight dope from those in the know . . .

Many thanks.

  • BJ

Whatever you do, don’t get any service from Verizon. They suck balls.

Two years ago, I would have reccomended Interport for dialup service, but ever since they were swallowed by RCN, they suck balls.

For dialup, I reccomend Inch. They’ve had fantastic service for the time I was with them. They do not suck balls.

If you’re looking for cable or DSL, I don’t really know what’s available in Manhattan.

I have Verizon DSL and don’t mind it a bit.

My only problem with them was that they pushed off my activation date a few times. I hated that, but certainly once they finally hooked me up, it’s been working smoothly.