DCdopers: ISP Suggestions?

Hi, all. My house currently has Comcast for broadband, but we’re a bit annoyed at Comcast’s business practices, and so we’d like to punish them in a way they’ll never, ever notice by switching to another provider for TV and Internet. Do any Washington, DC Dopers have any suggestions?


I hear FIOS is good if you have it in your area. I am in the part of the 'burbs where is hasn’t reached.

Yeah, what he said.

Our suburb has the odd distinction of being too new for DSL (I think the explanation was they used fiber optic when laying the telephone lines in the late 80s / early 90s and DSL doesn’t like that). They haven’t laid cabling yet for FIOS or even plain DSL. So our only choice for high-speed is Cox cable. No cable competition here, so we’re captive audiences. We’ll check out Fios when (if?) they ever make it available.

Cox has been OK with customer service after some years where they deservedly had a horrible reputation. Comcast has been getting some bad press around here lately too.

Apparently RCN is supposed to be really good, with competitive prices. We currently have Comcast and are in the process of switching over to RCN.

My buddy lives in Bethesda and he has FiOS. It’s mighty nice.