Lamest Practical Jokes

This really didn’t belong in the ‘Most Cruel Practical Jokes’ and I didn’t even do it.

But the other other day the idea amused me, at the supermarket, to take a bunch of boxes of S.O.S. pads (pre soaped steel wool for scrubbing pots) and put them in the feminine hygeine aisle.

Juvenile? Yes. Get a few WTF looks? yes. Be around to appreciate them? Probably not, so I didn’t do it.

One time as an April Fools joke, a customer asked me for a “couple” ice cubes and I only gave him one.

I stole that from Spongebob Squarepants.

This comes to mind…

A few years back I was involved in an operetta. Not in a big way, mind you. I was just the music director and conductor. We were to open on the 16th of April, with full dress on the 15th, and the show would run through the weekend.

On the 1st, I sent out an e-mail to the entire cast, orchestra, and crew saying that my boss was making me go out of town on the 15th, but I’d be back late Sunday afternoon. “I hope that’s not a problem”, said I.

One orchestra member went into a blind panic. A few people responded with “Ha ha, very funny, jerk.” The e-mail admins told me not to abuse the mail server like that again.